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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are looking for run to join, then I have a happy news for you. Nivea will be organising the NIVEA Care Run at the end of next month which is on Oct 29,2017. It falls on Sunday so you can spend your weekend with a healthy activity weeehoo!! Actually, after the previous run that I had with my family, I finally understand what is all the fuss about running. The feeling of accomplishment and that the amount of joy you felt after finishing the the run is sooo satisfying. Hahaha.. I might be late on joining the bandwagon but anything that helps me to be active and be healthy will always be welcome in my calender.

Well, this Nivea Care Run will be held at Putrajaya aiming to raise awareness about underarm care. A portion of the collection will go to Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG). Nivea is targeting to have 3,000 runners and each one of participants will be able to contribute improve education and healthcare of those in need by joining this run. 


As mentioned earlier Nivea Care Run will be hosted on 29 Oct 2017, start at 7am (dont forget to set your alarm clock!). The run venue is at Precint 6, Putrajaya for 5km and the registration is RM65.



Actually you will get more than what you paid, not only you get to help those in need, you will also get such an awesome race kit. It includes NIVEA Care & Protect Deodorant, NIVEA Goodies up to RM65 worth, NIVEA CARE RUN Micro Fibre shirt, Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets sponsored by Watson, Bibs and safety pins and the Finisher Medal upon completion. This would be my second medals and looking forward to join more run in the future haha..



You can easily do the registration online by clicking here. Just fill up your details and then just wait for the confirmation emails. The info about race kit collection will be given soon. Do check out Nivea FB for more details. I’ll be counting days and see you there!!


I dont know about you but I tend to neglect my underarm. In matter of fact, I didnt really put much effort comparing to my face. It turn out that underarm skin is very delicate and the act of removing or plucking hairs out could damage the hair follicles lead to ingrown plus enlarged pores. No one want that euwww! You might think, then what about shaving? Uneven preassure of blade could also lead to cuts also it was told that 36% of skin debris are removed during shaving.

Due to this, Nivea have come up with a range that are enriched with NIVEA creme essense. It also give protection up to 48 hours. This NIVEA range are supposed to have a formula that is gentle to your skin and by time will give a softer smoother underarm.

It comes in two options. The traditional roll-on priced at RM11.30 for 50ml and also the spray bottle retailing at RM 17.50 for 150ml. I would prefer the spray bottle version because I found them to be easier to use plus tend to be non sticky.

You can get them at many pharmacies and leading stores nationwide. Hope it helps.


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