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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

My daughter eyes always light up whenever we told that we bringing them to “jalan”. That is one of the many reason why we go out for as much staycation together. To make them happy, to spend as much quality time together. After all we only have 2 full days out of a week as the rest of the days as spent with routine of going to work, sending them to school and picking them up. I am very grateful for the time we had as some parents need to be away from their kids for months or years in order to make a living.

This time is just a quick 2D1N staycation over the weekend. We decided to stay in Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.  It took less than 30mins travelling time from our home. Maybe because it is also Saturday morning, the traffic is so much forgiving compared to working days.


Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur located right in the heart of the city. If you are considering to visit KLCC or downtown KL or even kampung baru then Sheraton would be a good option for accomodation. It is also very convinient as the is a big shopping mall (Quill Mall) right across the street.


Look at the detailing of the stair railing. I spent couple of minutes exploring the design and feature of the hotel.


Welcome to our room for the night. This is the Club Room at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur. Upon opening the room, Sofea instantly said “WAH…..” in adoration and went straight to check out the view behind the glass window. I love the sight of a crispy clean bed. The room is spacious and we got twin room each of it is queen size. The room is like a mini apartment.


Spot a turtle float? haha We got that for our second daughter. I was joking with my husband and said that the turtle looks like Zandria face HAHAHAHAHA.. The pink one is definately for Sofea, our princess wanabe. The closet is a seperate area from the room and I like that because it comes with a door. Meaning I can wear my clothes in peace. You can check out the rest of the closet in my youtube video towards the  end of the blogpost. It also come with cabinets where it is more applicable to sort out your belonging for a longer stay.



This is how it looks like in the bathroom. As expected, their have hair dryer and the  rest of amenities.


On the other hand, this is not expected at all. A chipped soap container. Understand that the hotel is in  mint condition but considering it is such a small thing so it does not really matter. However, it would be great if they replace the soap container moving forward.


Spacious bathtub. One of the way to prepare them for a good night sleep is to let both of them enjoy a bubble bath haha.. Let them drain all their energy goofing around bubbles and you can also have a fun conversation together while monitoring them. Sorry to our neighbour because of the sounds of  our kids laughter bursting out of out the room that night.


You may also request for a baby cot for no extra charges. Not like my Zandria want to stay in there. She just dont like the idea of staying in baby cot or a walker. Totally fine with car seat, how is that even possible? I guess each kids do have their own personality and preferance.I still cant wrap my head around how fast this clingy and the shy baby of mine have grown. Less than 9 months ago she was just a newborn and now she can stand.

Just thought that if would be great to also sharethat by staying in Club Room, you are also entitled for 2 pieces of laundry per room per night. I wish they provide pressing services instead of laundry haha.. Also complimentary shoe shine service, free local calls and also room internet access and wife.. Sorry not wife, WIFI i mean hahaha



This is the swimming pool area. It comes with a jacuzzi section too. One thing different that other hotel’s we stayed at, this hotel offer shisha in their menu. It is also known as Hookah, so if you would like to experience that by the pool you can, here at Sheraton.

Spot my camera ready baby!

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Sofea can now swim so much better, can see her improvement which I think contributed by the numerous practise we had together. Glad that my daughter is not afraid of water. I really think it is a great living skills to have. Since we didnt sent her or her lil sister to any swimming class, I am actually quite proud of their ability to learn swimming while having fun.


After swimming we went back to our room, changed our clothes and head up straight to the Club Lounge to enjoy the complimentary tea time. Wrote all about the Sheraton Imperial Club Lounge here. After that we went back to our room for a short nap before getting ready for cocktail and light dinner at the Club Lounge again. The spread is generous and reasonable for complimentary serving. You can actually skip dinner if you want to since their do serve full filling meals like lamb beriani on top of other tit bits. We end up ordering in room dinner because why not.


You can see that Sofea cant contain her excitement the moment our meal is being served.


Ordered fish porridge for the kids to share. The fish is juicy and already deboned makes it easier to feed my baby. Ofcoz both of them cant be able to finish the whole bowl, my husband and I gladly help them on that task hahaha


Ordered myself seafood tom yam soup with rice and my husband ordered pizza. Not the best meal we had but if you are too lazy to go out and just want to spend every precious second in the room with your kids then it is a good option to order in room service.


The morning view outside our window. To be able to stare at the beautiful surrounding is a blessing by itself. My husband told me that the last time he came to this hotel was during his highschool prom. He also told me that it was never in his wildest dream to come back experiencing the hotel with a wife and two kids. Hearing that, it somehow give me hope that the best is always yet to come.





We enjoyed our breakfast at the Hotel main restaurant instead of at the Club House simply because it have bigger spread. However, cant be able to enjoy as much as my second daughter happily poop on my clothes and my tudung while I was holding her LOL. Another memories to put in the collection box.

Overall, we had a good stay. Created lots of beautiful memories together. I hope you enjoy reading this up. Thank you so much for dropping by at my humble blog. As always I will try my best to share our experience so it could give you insight before planning your next staycation. Below is the VLOG of our Staycation. We had tons of fun. Do give us a thumbs up, follow our YT channel and drop a comment. Dont forget to also follow my instagram and like our facebook page so you dont miss out any new adventure and the giveaway that we are hosting. Till next blogpost. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!

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