Places I wanted to go before I die

If money and time is not an issue, I would like to go few places before I die.. I know some people already went to most of the places that I am going to list down here.. (You are so lucky! And please Don’t brag ahhh…)

I always wanted to spend most of time travelling.. it would be fun right? Meeting lots of interesting people trying lots of fun and exciting food =) Yummy!!

But I don’t have few millions in my bank account and I don’t have that much time to spare as well…………

No worries, no harm in dreaming =) I know one fine day, I’ll achieve my dream =)

So let’s cut short with all the “pok pek pok pek” and get to the point straight.

1) Iceland

2) Taj Mahal

3) I know this sounded so lame.. but I always wanted to go to Eifel Tower

4) Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

5) The World Island, Dubai

6) All the wonderful island we have in Malaysia ( so far I covered few only) we have quite nice beaches behind our own yard.
7) Mekkah


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