Fun thing you could do with Ribbon!

I got just lots of ribbons from the beauty boxes I received and also for gifts I received from friends and family. All the ribbons it too cute to be thrown away and I dont want to be a ribbon hoarder tooo!

At first I kept it thinking of I might use it someday to wrap friends gift and such.. but then I end up buying more ribbons to match the colour of my wrapper instead :P

So I went browing and found this awesome side where it shares so much fun and crative ideas on what to with a ribbons.. i just taught it would be nice to share with all of you too :) I do not own any of this tips. I got it from

Here it goes!

1. Make a loop with it and hang up your picture frames.
2. Use it inside acrylic nails. (Really!)
3. Make bows for your dogs ears.
4. Turn them into shoe laces.
5. Tie your ponytail with one.
6. Make a garland for your Christmas tree.
7. Tie your curtains back with it.
8. Attach a piece of ribbon to your luggage when flying to help you identify it.
9. Tie a piece around a diary or book you wish to keep closed.
10. Use them in homemade gift tags
11. Glue ribbon pieces vertically and horizontally to create a pocket on a page.
12. Tie it around the first lock of your baby's hair.
13. Use it for scrapbooking.

14. Tie random leftover pieces of ribbon to a hair band for a fun hair accessory.
15. Make handmade Christmas ornaments. (Here are some pics of ornaments I made with ribbon, I will be making a lens on how to make them in a few days, so be sure to check back if you like them!)
16. Use it as a belt.
17. Tie a big bow around a flower bouquet
18. Take a large square piece of cork or thick poster board and glue ribbon in criss cross pattern to form a bulletin board where you can display pics, cards etc.
19. Punch holes on the top of an invitiation and thread ribbon in an out for a custom look.
20. Make a flower out of ribbon loops and add a cute button or jewel for the center.
21. Take a piece of ribbon, and with thread and needle loosely weave in and out of ribbon. Then pull on thread to make a ribbon rosebud. It can be attached to a ring, pin, etc.
22. Teachers can use it as borders for their bulletin boards in their classrooms.
23. Glue it to a wall (or use sticky tac) in front of your desk to hold pictures, notes, etc.
24. Make a mobile for a baby's crib by gluing or sewing small toys to ribbon and attatching ribbon to wooden dowels.
25. Use it as a bookmark

26. Make windchimes. (Follow same steps as baby mobile except replace toys with crystals, bells, or wood pieces)
27. Make funky bracelets.
28. Loop it around a dog collar for a festive look.
29. Glue a piece around a hat for a totally new look.
30. Make bows with thin ribbon then glue them to earring studs for a pair of unique earrings that can match anything you want!
31. Tie a piece of ribbon around your wrist as a reminder (Don't eat carbs, don't forget to exercise, drink 8 glasses of water etc.)
32. Paint wooden letters that spell your baby's or child's name to your liking, then hang them in their room with ribbon. (These are very pricy when bought ready made at stores!)
33. Make some cool layered necklaces.
34. Make a big loop of ribbon (big enough to fit your door knob), glue jingle bells on it and hang it from your door knob so you'll know when people come in/go out.)

35. Make bows with ribbon and glue them to bobby pins or hair grips. Glue jewel, flower, cabochon, even bottle caps to center
36. Punch holes on sides of pages, thread ribbon through to make a book.
37. Weave a ribbon through your braid.
38. Wrap and glue a ribbon around a pen for a funky look.
39. Tie around a homemade jar of jam and give as gifts.
40. Glue ribbon diagonally on page corners as picture holders.
41. Tie a ribbon on your car's rearview mirror to help distinguish it in the parking lot of stores.
42. Make a lanyard.
43. Embelish a simple picture frame with it.
44. Stack cookies together, wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon in your school colors for a bake sale.
45. Make a cute headband.

48. Thread special beads on a piece of ribbon. Use as an accessory, keychain, etc.
49. Create a pull-tab on a page by gluing a ribbon on a tucked away photo or card.
50. Make a lei by gluing lots of silk flowers on a ribbon and tying around your neck.
51. Make a black and white collage and use colorful ribbons to add pops of color.
52. Glue pictures to card stock, punch holes on card's side or top, thread ribbon through to make a photo album!
53. Glue ribbon onto tote bag for stylish new handles.
54. Make a big bow to put on top of a present.
55. Glue around some plain napkin holders for some added pizzaz.
56. To make curly ribbon. Wrap ribbon tightly around a pencil, spray with a mixture of cornstarch and water, bake in the oven at 300 F for 3-5 min. Remove from oven and leave to set overnight. Remove from pencil and use as you wish.
57. Sew some ribbon onto towels for a festive twist.
58. Sew ribbon onto pants hem for little ones.

59. Punch a hole on a place card, loop a ribbon that coordinates with your event through, tie a bow.
60. Make an award or prize ribbon.
61. Weave a cool ribbon through a wreath. Customize for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day etc.
62. Glue a thin ribbon to a scrapbook page, hang little clothes from it like a clothesline!
63. Cover a placemat in ribbon.
64. Sew thick ribbon together to make a fun wallet.
65. Sew onto overall straps for babies.
66. Tie pieces of tulle and ribbon to an elastic the size of your waist to make a cool, no-sew tutu!
67. Glue some color coordinated ribbon to a pair of pumps or flats for a stylish ballerina look!
68. Thread ribbon through sweatpants or hoodies for a totally new drawstring!
69. Sew onto a handkerchief to make it unique.
70. Sew a piece of ribbon onto a plain shirt pocket to spice up your look.
71. Glue around a plain candle for a whole new look.
72. Velcro a piece of ribbon to your desk and the other end to a pen. You'll always have one handy!
73. Use it to tie cellophane around cake pops for a gourmet look.
74. Tie many long different colored ribbons to a kite for a unique and colorful tail!
75. Tie a scroll with a piece of ribbon.
76. Place pieces of ribbon, colorful rocks, flowers, and a special letter inside a bottle for a romantic message.
77. Make a garter for your wedding!
78. Make a strap for your camera.
79. Glue a bow to the top of your stockings.
80. Stack several loops together in different shades of blue or pink. Glue miniature bottles, pacifiers, rattles etc. And pin one to each guest at your baby shower!
81. Tie a piece of ribbon around your makeup brushes when traveling to keep them together.
82. Make a bow with ribbon and glue it to a huge paper clip to keep cute things together (hehe)
83. Make a pacifier clip with ribbon for a baby.

84. Weave ribbon through Easter baskets.
85. Glue assorted ribbons and rhinestones to a plain phone case for a funky look.
86. Weave different colored ribbons through the ends of knitted scarves.
87. Glue patterned ribbons around magazine holders.
88. Use a piece of ribbon on a light pull that's too short. (Like on a ceiling fan)
89. Make cheerleader pom-poms with ribbon!
90. Make a beautiful custom corsage.
91. Cut a long piece of ribbon. glue (or sticky tac) it vertically in your little girls wall. Clip and hang all her bows and barrettes from it!
92. Glue Scrabble pieces to ends of ribbon to spell out a name on a present.
93. Sew ribbon as straps to a strapless dress for a completely different look.
94. Use school colored ribbons to make mums for homecoming.

95. Glue/velcro a big ribbon bow to the remote so you won't lose it.
96. Use ribbon instead of hooks to hang ornaments on your Christmas tree.
97. Attach to zipper for a new zipper pull.
98. Tie ribbon around furniture with doors when moving to keep them from opening and getting damaged!
99. Laminate real leaves, write family names on them, hang with ribbon from an artificial tree, posterboard or wall for a family tree!
100. Thread some ribbon through the side of a spiral notebook.
101. Sew some ribbon on little girls socks.

p/s: All pictures are for inspiration purpose only and I got it on the net. I do not own any of it :)  I hope it will help inspire you as much as it inspired me :)


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