Galaxy Note II is now available in Pink – How nice!

Why so many girls out there love pink? Why pink is always associate with female? For me I love all colours actually but I personally have a soft spot for pink   Why? Honestly.. to me it just love at first sight and for me it is the colour of happiness and joy and everything girly..  as you can see, my blog have lots of pinky stuff here n there  

For quite a while, I wish to drive a pink car but my husband decline my request.. He said it is too dangerous for a lady to drive pink car as we would easily be a target ...hurm...What a Party pooper!  

Well..Its ok.. Since I can’t have a pink car.. then maybe I could have a pink phone!!  I do not own any Samsung Note II, however few of my friends using it.. and share with me how nice it is.. with all the human friendly interface… I also got to know that if someone is calling you and you are in the middle of a meeting, you can easily flip down the phone on the table and it would be AUTO silent.. How smart right?  Being “jakun” I was amazed!

Plus my friend also told me that.. when you received a text from your friend.. and you are about to reply it.. and then decided to just call them instead.. While you are at the message interface, you can just put the phone as if you want to make a call, and it will AUTO call your friend…………… What kind of sorcery is this?  :P

Do you know that the awesome Galaxy Note II is now available in pink?  Wow weee!!  According to Samsung this named Martian Pink.. I haven’t heard of any martian pink before. I personally taught it is just another fancy name for light pink range.. So I went to ask my “brainy best friend” Mr.Google. I found out that Martian pink is actually colour range for a very RARE diamond. 

 Well I do received a pink diamond as my wedding ring, thank you!
I hope one day, I will be able to have a baby girl and pass this ring to her when she grown up.
(No harm "berangan" for good things right?)
 Dear Hubby, I hope you are reading this post.. haha

As a part time blogger, my phone is very important to me just like everyone else. Now we live in an era where phone is a necessity. With this awesome phone, my life would be so much facilitated. I could snap picture and blog plus with the S pen I could even edit my pictures on the go.  Guess what? this pinky phone also come with a matching S pen..  Peeewitt!!

Aside from the new paint job, the pink SamsungGalaxy Note II is identical to its white/gray brothers – with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 5.5-inch HD display, and 8-megapixel camera and is based on the latest version of Android called Jelly Bean.

Anyway, I bump into this Samsung Note II video on youtube :) Kinda cheeky!   

How I wish that I could get one :)  It cost around RM 2299 at htis moment..
I wish I have that much of money to spare for this pinky phone.

For more info you can check out Samsung Mobile Facebook or their Twitter 


  1. how cute it is in pink color ! i wish to own 1 too, ever since Note II was released i've been dreaming about it. but as a student i cant afford it at the time being :p Maybe i can ask it as a present from my parents for my excellent achievement in college ? no harm berangan for this matter right ? hehe

    1. I wish you have Great result in your studies!! :) ya.. definately no harm berangan haha :)

      not only student la.. as a working ladies, I dont have the budget to buy it too.. haha

      Every individual have variety of spending priority :P

  2. hubby promise to buy me one after i dwliver my baby soon...yeayyy...last time ingat nk white color...but then mcm kiut plak pink....but come again i xminat sgt pink....too girlish for me...nnt mst my hubby kutuk me if i want dis pink color note 2

    1. seronok nyer.. nak dapat baby :) da berape bulan babe? baik husband you :) how lucky!

      selamber la beli yg pink.. ni limited edition tau.. normally limited edition harga mahal skit.. tp yg ni same harge je dgn yg white or gray :)

  3. I have a pink camera and owning this pink phone would make a perfect combination!

    1. Nice! Matching gadget :)

      I used to have a pink camera until one idiot stole it.

  4. thanks for your lovely sharing


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