Take it easy and smile!

Sometime life can be very tiring. It can be overwhelming and at some point. All you need to do is just prioritize and focus on what really important. Appreciate those who have been with you during your darkest time. These are the people that worth your attention. Do worry about those who say mean words or those who do not share the same value.  It will be soo boring if everyone think the same. Like if everyone have the same taste then everyone would be falling in love with the same guy. Do you get what I mean?  Something like that.. After all it makes the world interesting.

Focus your energy on things that makes you happy, be productive. Just do something every day that move your closer to your goal. No one get better out of first try (okay, maybe some very talented person). What I am saying is, just do what you love. Even it is not the best to your liking but that is the thing. The process. You get to learn and grow by trying.

Look at yourself as an athelite. Practise and practise. By doing what you love everyday you will master it and be great at it. So, dont worry about people making fun of you or if it does not turn out great as you expected. Just proceed, learn as much and continue doing what you love. Everyone started from zero, what matter is how you feel. At the end of the day when you do what you really love it wont feel any burden. You will feel satisfied.

Just sharing this out incase you need some motivation in your study or your work or personal growth. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy n smile!


  1. lately ni memang penat sangat ooo maybe sebab cuaca la kan.. sampai nak pi event pun jadi malas hauhauhau

    1. tahu takpe kak lily, panas ni buat cepat letih.. takpe yang penting kak lily happy :) tak gi event pun banyak job advert n product review heheeh <3 amin2


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