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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Today, I would like to share about Mindful Muslim App. Have you heard about this app? I was introduced by my blogger peer Ruby and I think it is an app that is not only for adults but also great for the whole family. Being a mum of two daughters, I wanted my kids to have as much exposure and knowledge from Quran. But as you can tell, I am not the most religious hence I am not the best person to teach them. 

Being in the pandemic, the best I can do is to engage an online tutor to teach them iqra. I tried my best to recite verses and doa, so they could replicate. Like doa before we eat, before going to sleep, and such. However, I don't have the knowledge capacity to teach them beyond that. 

I am grateful that I was introduced to the Muslim app. Been using it daily ever since. Thank you Ruby for introducing me. I learn more about the idea behind the app and got the opportunity to listen directly from the man behind the app. His name is Mohd Akhtaar, you may also reach out to him via his LinkedIn . Mindful Muslim is on a mission to inspire Mental Health amongst Muslims. Mohd Akhtaar is very passionate about mental health and to me, he did great by putting his thought into action. I also found out that he used to be a team member of Mufti Menk. Amazing right?

 We had a great session and learn more about the app. I am also very happy I get to see some familiar faces in the blogging world. Pandemic makes me miss face-to-face interaction a lot. It's okay, as long we are healthy, we will get to go out and hug each other again soon. 

If you have anxiety, you mayhave heard or download app like calm. Well, Mindful Muslim is like that but more and specifically for muslim all round the world. The app is free to download and the majority of its function is free. I like the clean and beautiful interface. 

You can built a playlist and even get to choose the reciter. 

I highly recommend this app to all Muslim especially parents to install this app. For those who have baby, you can play soothing sounds to help the baby enjoy a good sleep. As for me, I also download the app to my old phone and I can easily play the Quran while in my kid's bedroom during the whole night. Somehow they didn't wake up middle of the night and I no longer hear them complain about nightmares. Yes, for those who know me, my kids still occasionally experience nightmares after our whole got on fire 3 years back. So far, this app and the Quran do help and for this I am forever grateful. Thank you for making it so accessible.  

Before getting to know the app, I play ruqyah via youtube and there are many advertisements in between that sometimes interrupt the doa. By having the app, I can play ruqyah with no interruption. Also, it is well categorized and for those who have limited knowledge in this area.. it is very helpful. I didnt know there are ruqyah verses specifically to ease anxiety. 

With this app, I also get to learn and teach my kids more doa. I am not longer limited to just the basic ones that I know. Having the app helps us to learn the right pronunciations too. If you are parents like me, you will be glad to know that this app also has many Muslim stories like the story of Nuh AS and many guided talk down. 

I am a very happy user and wish nothing but the best for the whole Mindful Muslim team. For sure it is not an easy journey to bring the app to more than 50,000 users and counting.. Congrats! on such a great job and dedication. As a user, I really appreciate it. 

Thank you to all of you who spent your valuable time reading this up. I hope you find it informative and may the app help you in your journey here on earth. Go and download and experience it yourself k? 

Till, next blogpost. Take care and stay safe! 

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