Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Back with another beauty review. This time I would like to share with you about a beauty tool. Actually the product need no introduction. I mean who havent heard of foreo? From their innovative cleansing tools and more. Today, we going to take a closer look at one of its latest releases. The UFO 2. 

Like many other curious beauty enthusiasts, I just go to try them myself. Expecially during this pandemic, I didnt get to visit beauty salon as frequent. Having beauty devices helps me to maintain my skin an give it mor pampering at home. 

As you open it up, you will see this information on the back. I actually like the compact packaging. Super fancy. By the way, if the writing too small, you can click on the actual image to make it bigger and easier to read. 

OHH LAA LAAAAA.... Look at how fancy the device is. What makes this device so wildly crave? It provides full spectrum led powered, able to give cyro (cold) and thermo (hot) facial treatment, and the signature T-sonic pulsation treatment like the one at a beauty salon. It is like having a beauty salon in your palm!! 

I am aware it is a premium device, but if I count the cost I've paid to the beauty center this is totally a good deal. Plus the time I save. My normal trip to any beauty salon for facial treatment takes around 1-hour minimum, sometime it may also take up to 3 hours if I am doing the more intense treatment. Having this device only needs a max of 2 minutes of my time. I say Yay! to efficiency.

This is how the device looks on the side. This is where the ON and OFF button at. The texture is soft almost buttery smooth. You also have to press 5 Secs when pairing it to your phone. I'll take about the phone part shortly. Dont forget to download the foreo app, if you haven't already, you need it while using the device. 

This is the charging hole. Be mindful upon cleaning your device for this section. I kinda wish it comes with a rubber cover so I dont have to be nervous about water coming in. 

Here comes the attachment ring. You see this side you can pull it up and down easily. 

Remember the side box beside the device earlier? Inside it you can find more items that comes with the devices. I'll show it below. If you purchase Foreo UFO 2, you get the manual, the seum sample, one sheet of mask, a charger and an acrylic stand. The stand not in this picture, simply show it slightly later so you stay with me on the blog hahaha... 

This is how the charging cable looks like. Didnt measure the length but it doesnt matter anyway.

A closer look of what is inside instruction paper. As mentioned earlier, you need to use the device with an app. Don forget to download Foreo app from IOS or Apple store. 

Here is the complimentary mask. Make my Day, Hyaluronic acid and red algae combination to hydrate your skin. 

I have the full size serum from Foreo, I'll write a review on it together with the Foreo Bear device soon.  On this post, we focusing on the UFO 2.

Here is the manual, you can read more if you want. 

I also got 4 more boxes of mask, because the more the merrier? hahaha.. Let me know if you want me to share my tought on the mask too.

Here comes the acrylic stand. I like having the acrylic stand.It makes it easier to store my devices. Plus it looks aestheticlly pleasing. It is also functional, if you keep you device in the bathroom, it helps your device to be on a standing position so reduce the chance of getting water inside instead of laying down on itself. 

How to use Foreo UFO 2 : 


Step 1 : Open Foreo app on your phone and pair your selected device. Click start. 

Step 2 : Scan your choice of mask. 

Step 3 : Tear the mask packaging and you'll realise the device is light up. 

Step 4 : Took off the attachment right and place the mask on the metal surface. 

Step 5 : Secure the ring attachement back to it's place. 

You are now ready to enjoy the signature pulsanic sensation, the led light therapy as well as the cryno and thermo experience. AMAZING...........

During the whole session, the app will accompany and teach on which type of motion where to place the mask and explain the benefit of each light and device function. It is like going to a luxury spa with the latest technology without going out from my home. Just incase you are wondering what is the different between UFO 2 and the previos version is that UFO 2 have the cryno technolgy.Giving your skin the icy treatment on demand. 

I am happy with the product and been using it atleast twice a week. It makes my skin complexion become dewy and I love it. I still experience occasional breakout druring my mentrual cycle due to hormone changes but I realise the breakout seems lesser ever since I have UFO 2 in my skincare routine. If you have the budget and value your time,  I would recommend you to get one. 

Alright, we are at the end of the post. I hope you find them informative somehow. Thak you for visiting my humble blog. Talk to you again next time! :) 


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