Want to be on a Cooking Show? Here is your chance!


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Let me just start this off by saying our whole family love the idea of appreciating good food. I personally found  thatthe cooking process to be theraputic. Glad that my husband is on the same page on this one. Other than our constant hunt for a place that offer good food, we actually spent lots of family leisure time to check out food channel at home. We watch many food documentaries as well as cooking show.

After I am pregnant with my first child, my husband have taken a step further by venturing himself into cooking haha.. I used to be the only person cooking in the house, I am glad to be able to take turn nowadays. If you scroll down my blog you will bump with quite a number of recipe that we shared.

So, when I shared with my husband that there is a contest happening that he might be able to be on a cooking show. He was on cloud nine! His eyes sparkles and immidietely start telling me on his contest recipe submission. hahaha So….  semangat right?

Being a wife, I am more than happy to support him and he is planning to send in his “Puff Ajaib” Recipe. Want to know what is Puff Ajaib? haaaaa.. You have to ask him LOL, really hoping that he will win and share his recipe to as many people out there. Trust me it is soooo sedap and just a lil bit of hint. His puff ajaib contained mozzarella cheese as one of the ingridients, yummy!


If you have good recipe that you want to share with everyone, be on a cooking show, then it do join in “We Want You to be on TV bersama Dato’ Chef Haji Ismail and Guest Celebrity” by Pensonic. He need no further introduction as he is well known for his fun cheerful personality as well as his expertise in culinary line. It is a golden opportunity to meet the Chef himself and be on TV3.

How to participate:

•             Like Pensonic Facebook (www.facebook.com/pensonicmalaysia) and email your details as below to fb@pensonic.com, closing date on 3rd March 2017

•             Email: recipe name & picture, pictures of method of making the dish and ingredients

•             Email: personal details like full name as in identity card, identity card number, address, handphone number and email address.

What makes it even awesome the program will be brought to audience by Pensonic. Which is a leading Malaysian Electrical Home Appliances manufacturer. Do you know that Pensonic were establish in Penang in the year 1982? They have 52 years of experience when it come to producing home appliance which include products to make cooking a breeze. Up to this day, Pensonic have grown into 10 brances with more than 900 dealers nationwide. They also cater international market and make Malaysian proud to over 30 countries in ASEAN, East and West Asia including the Middle-East. Very impressive, I must say.

Grab your apron and check your recipe note book!! Start looking for your best recipe to be submitted. Dont forget to smile for the camera as you will need to submit the step by step pictures on making your dish as well as the ingridients. The final dateline is by 3 March 2017. It is very easy to join and the best 7 contestant will get be win!


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  1. You should join the contest babe, I'll vote for you ^_^

    1. this time johan yang nak join sangat teringin nak masuk cooking show :P asyik tengok jer kat tv, so mana tau rezeki boleh masuk ke kan <3


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