Red Velvet.. yummy!

Jun 19, 2011

last few weeks ily try la red velvet kat wondermilk.. memang stylo =) yummy! da la now dekat dengan office pulak tuh wondermilk ni.. memang best la kan..

yer la.. ily dok tgk kat fb ramai kawan2 keep posting about red velvet2 nak tahu la juga rasanya.. yg biase try cake2 black forrest la.. chocolate indulgence la.. blueberry cheese la.. kek lapis la..

at first I was like little bit terrified of the coloured.. yer la merah like kaw2 mcam banyak artificial flavour je..

but then I decided to try =) yay! Im not turning back! sedap giler rupernyer.. it was like yummy and cheesy and yummy like nothing i have ever taste before =)

drooling! nyum nyum


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