Good and Bad Mirror

Perempuan mane yang tak suke tengok cermin.. I know some guys yg fascinate tgk cermin.. ok la let me be frank even my future hubby pun love to see his reflection in a mirror.. tapi tak boleh la kalahkan my bro.. Aduh here n there he put mirror in the house.. Anyway, in this entry I nak share sikit pasal good and Bad mirror..

U all ade that your favourite mirror? I know I have.. Ade satu mirror kat umah ily ni paling ily suke.. My reflection will always made me happy if I see my self using that mirror.. like more kurus.. slim less acne marks.. everything is like so fine =)

Tapi ade few other mirror which is not so kind to me.. paling menyampah magnifying mirror.. aduh.. yg tu black head semua nampak like wicked witches punyer mole.. seriously tak sukeeeeeeeee! Pastu ade je mirror yg berapa kali kite touch up muke still nampak cam bengong.. like the bedak nampak bertapuk la.. nampak eyeliner smudge la… aduh.. sangat demotivate tengok mirror yg evil ni tau..

I really hope every girl will have and get their own comforting mirror.. that will show your advantages instead of your weakness… in that case every girl and guys will be even more happier with their appearances..

Ps : Cantik luar, pastikan cantik dalam juga =)


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