You were my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleeping

Cepat mase berlalu.. like so fast I wish.. the time could be more kind to me..

Less than a month, I’ll become someone else wife.

New title adding up mean new responsibility adding up…

I am a daughter – Still catching up with my task as a daughter.. I don’t even know if I have fulfill my task. I can be quite pain in the ass for my parents.

I am a sister – I tried my best to be an example to my bro.. Sometime I still feels like there is a big room where I could improve.. I love my bro. He is the only sibling that is very close to me.. I wish I could be the SUPER sister that can help him every time he needs assistance.

I am a friend – I love all my friend.. I wish I could be as nice as they are to me.. Lots of love goes out from me to all my friends..

I am a worker – I am trying hard to be a good worker,, and workmate. I hope everyone have a pleasant experience working with me =)

N next month.. I am going to be someone else wife.. can I do it? Can I fulfill the required responsibility?

Am I able to be selfless towards my life partner?

I hope I can be a good wife for my future hubby.. and be a good daughter in laws for his family..

P/s: sometime things are easily said than done =) at this moment with a big heart and a big hope.. I wish I will not stop trying to be the best for everyone =)


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