Sebulan dan seminggu sebelum Wedding

Perasaan : bercampur baur.. excited, nervous, takut , happy .. my feeling semua ade mix in blender like a smoothie =)

kad2 da start dihantar by stages.. baju da fitting.. berape kali fitting.. hopefully semua ok la =)

friend semua mostly semua very supportive =) love you all

bdaway on this 11.11.11 friday my dearie friends nak plan buat non traditional bachelor + bachelorette kat TGIF =) a little bit like a reunion kinda thing before my n my future hubby kahwin.. I AM SO EXCITED about the event... they are all very sweet sebab nak tolong arrange kan =) so kitorang ade la bincang2.. we decided to buy some hydrogen gas ballon nak tight up kat chairs kat TGIF nanti..

then nak beli a crown for the future groom n of coz me "the future bride" then ingat nka beli some other decor2 =)

I AM so Excited.. nanti da settle je the event i will upload and do lil review, so that if anyone intertested nak buat lil gathering before kahwin boleh la buat penambah idea here n there =)

Enought said. I am excited yeay! But mostly I am really thankful to have a bunch of loving and funny friends around =)

I am so great full to have them in my life =) thank you guys!


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