Dugaan nak Kahwin

Dulu orang ckap, nak kahwin is not easy.. banyak dugaan, I seriously thought it was just an old saying.. tp seriously, once da merasa da hidup bertunang almost 10 months and less than 2 months away before the actual date..

Aduh.. sakit jiwa dan dugaan nyer Tuhan je la yang tahu. satu demi satu..

Part Paper works nak kahwin tu yang major head ache... actually pihak lelaki need to settle their paper works first.. nak siapkan tuh kena ade surat akuan bujang la, nak kena ade copy i/c nak kena ade copy of the sijil kursus kahwin, nak kena ade result hiv.. settle semua baru boleh minta signature ustaz ikut daerah tempat tinggal the groom, after that kena pergi perjabat agama guys side untuk dapat surat kebenaran kahwin..

then only pihak perempuan boleh proceed bride punyer paper works.. tedious kan? OMG tell me about it..
so today kitorang pergi la nak pergi buat hiv test kat klinik ampang, then boleh pulak officers tu minta datang again on the 1st of nov? thats is like only 2 weeks away from the actual day...sempat ke nak buat semua paper works? seriously risau..

knowing that the process will be tedious and super pening, will we be able to make it on time? will I be able to book a kadi for the solemnization day? 19th Nov 2011?

Crossing fingers.. What will be will be.. hopefully everything will go smooth as planned. Big Big AMIN =)


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