Bye Bye 2011

Tahun 2011 ni banyak suka duka yang da happen in my life =)

Actually it is one of the year that provide big impacts to me as a person…

Tahun ni adalah tahun yang ily tukar status.. dari jadi tunang org now da jadi wife orang..

Tahun ni juga ily is being very bold.. dari kerja di YTL selama nearly dua tahun I deicde to resign sebab dapat masuk agensi gomen kastam at kelana jaya..

But then I realize it is not suitable for me, then I took another step n join FedEx… Guess what? It’s the best choice that I ever made for my carreer..

I am so happy working with FedEx, so many great people around da la helpful and the environment is very warm =)

2011 ni ade la juga dapat berjalan skit2, tp dalam negara je =) yer la cuti2 malaysia katekan…

2011 is also the year saya pindah all the way from wangsa maju to Damansara, ingat senang je duk tempat baru? Tapi lame2 da aware dgn surrounding.. best juga =)

Actually in life, I learned that sometime you just need to come out from your comfort zone.

Be bold try something different and it might be the best decision that you ever made =)

Even if it doesn’t work out well, at least you have been there n done that =)

You gain experience n memories…To me.. that is priceless


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