Leverne Feminine Hygiene Wash - Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

I am sharing with you about something a lil bit private today. We are talking about private care, female hygiene wash. The brand that I am sharing today is a must-have for every ladies. It is LEVerne Feminine Hygiene Wash. As you can see from the picture above it come in a bottle container like so and in my favorite colour, pink and white. Plus points! 

Like any product, I consume, be it food or make-up or feminine hygiene wash, the first thing I did is to check the manufacturing date. Just to ensure that products are not expired. Usually, cleaning liquid will have around 3-5 years expiry from the manufacturing date also depends on the ingredients. Will take about ingredients shortly. Also, I'm sure many of you already know that B/N stands for a batch number, just sharing in case it helps. 

What I personally love about this product is that not only it helps to keep my private part hygienic, and it smell amazing too. Leverne does not include any additonal fragrance and the nice scent actually coming from all its natural ingredients.  Most important of all, it is pH balanced and contained 40% organic aloe vera. This is great because we all know that aloe vera has great anti-oxidant properties. it also contains enzymes, vit A, vit C and also anti-inflammatory.  It is a common ingredient for products that aim to treat rashes, dry skin, or inflammation. It is also very soothing in nature. Not just that  Leverne also contains chamomile, lavender, and tea tree oils among others. These three are a gentle yet powerful gift by mother nature. They have calming properties, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and resulting the product smells like a lovely flower bouquet. I am glad that my private part is getting all the love it needs. Fyi, Leverne is formulated to be gentle enough for daily use. Rest assured that it does not contain any paraben or soap. All the scent you are getting from the products is natural and coming from the ingredients itself with no additional fragrance.

As for the container, it have a pump diffuser which is great. It make the application easier and reduce product wastage. I tend to pour more than I should if it doesn't come with a pump diffuser LOL. I like that the size is just nice, 100ml and I think it can last me at least 2 months. I like the foam and the scents a lot. Compared to my other feminine hygiene wash the scents can be too strong, but Leverne is just the right amount of natural scents. It doesnt make my skin felt dry, and I've been using it in the morning and night every day.  I felt like each part of my body deserved to get as much care. 

Moving on to price points, it is super reasonably priced at only RM59 for each bottle. I've seen a promo on the website where you can get 2 units for RM89. More worthy! You can get it from here. Dont forget to also follow Leverne here for more info and so that you won't miss out on any promotion in the future. 

Alright, we are at the end of this post. I hope you find it useful if you are looking for a feminine hygiene wash. If you are facing problems like, Itchy, having foul smell, vaginal discharge. The source of these problems such as infections and odour are mainly from bacteria. But it can be treated using Leverne Feminine Wash in only one week. 

I honestly love the product and as always will only recommend products that I believe in. Till next blogpost, take it easy and smile! 


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