Kids Timetable Template + Cut Out Sticker + Tracker

It have been almost 2 months that my family havent go out from our home. I decided to came up with a simple timetable for my kids. Sharing it here just incase you want to use it too. Just right click on the image and then click open in new window. Or you can also double click on the picture. Then just print them out on landscape A4 paper. Simple as that! 

I used picmonkey to create them. You can create your own too. If you want. 

So this one is for the tracker. It helps to give some kind of reward to boost their motivation to achieve more goals.

Most fun part, best if you have a sticker paper. If you dont have its okay. Glue can fux that! It would be fun for your kids to cut all and put in an envelope. Each time they do achieve their goal you can give one for them to paste on their timetable tracker. 

Alright then, hope it helps. By the way I used to share some template for kids educational material. Let me know if you want me to share more. Maybe some worksheet for your kids. Hope it helps! 

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Also, you get get download link for Kids Timetable Template here :- 

Click here to download :

Click here to download :

Click here to download :

Till next time. Love and hugs!
illy ariffin


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