My Weight Loss Journey with Dr Chee from Signature Clinic

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are doing great. Today I would like to share with you my weight loss journey. You will get information on what I did, who I went to get a consultation, what I eat and the treatment I did. It started on Oct 2018 so it means I took me nearly 4 months to achieve my target. 

A brief background, I am 32 years old age is one of the factors influence our basal metabolic rate (BMR)). I gave birth twice hence I have stretch marks and flabby tummy. I tried to go on diet and did some exercise after my first child is born with no professional help or consultancy. I did manage to lose some around 12kg (gained 35kg during pregnancy by the way LOL). Then I got pregnant again. This time I decided to better seek for professional help from a doctor at a registered aesthetic clinic so I can become healthier and slimmer more efficiently without hurting my body system. I am glad I pick this path as it really open up my mind about how important it is to go meet an expert. 

I went to Signature Clinic located at Damansara City and meet Dr. Chee. This is the picture I took on my first visit. Have to cross the leg to look slimmer hahaha This is the visit that change my life. The moment I walk in they asked me to fill up a form with all of my personal details. Then I was lead to the InBody Machine (talk about it shortly) then I went to Dr. Chee’s room to get the consultation.   
First, she saw my result ( I have no idea what is written in the test result actually). She helped to explain that my overall body score is 48 (very bad she said hahahaha) my visceral is 17 (dangerous as it can lead to health problems such as heart problem, high blood pressure and diabetes) my muscle mass is low. My body fat percentage is 46.2 (banyak giler). My BMI was 24 (overweight). Then she gave me a target to achieve so that I can improve my overall body condition. 

The minimum aim is to get my BMI to 22, to lose 22kg body fat, to gain 9.7kg muscle mass, to achieve 56kg body weight and to bring my overall body score to 60, Do I achieve all of it?

During the consultation, she also asked what I normally eat daily, very detail. She asked what I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner even for snacks. Promised her that I will take a food diary but didnt really comply to that haha.. I will share with you what I eat during this whole journey later. By the way, she also asked me to change to this yellow gown so she could check my physical body. She asked for my main concern. I quickly said it is my stretch marks and I also want to be slimmer. Fine... my goal can be superficial but it is my goal.

First time on the InBody machine, have no idea that I will spend the next 4 months being scared of it hahaha.. Look my thigh, look like a chicken drumstick or not? You have no idea how hard I try to hide it from the camera every time I snap a picture.

The first 2 meet up (with 2 weeks gap in between) meaning the first 4 weeks of my visit, the doctor said she won't do any treatment on me until I achieve a certain target. She wants me to get the new lifestyle into action. I worked hard, super hard actually. Controlled my food intake. No more unhealthy snacks. I also start exercising daily. I’ll go more deeply into what type of exercise shortly.

During the body scan session, all you need to do is just stand on the machine and hold the handle. How it works? This device uses a direct segmental multi-frequency-bioelectric analysis method (DSM-BIA), a patented technology, to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical voltages through the inner body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and four limbs. In short, you just can’t hide.

Dr Chee can tell if I am not doing enough upper body or lower body exercise, she even knows if I starved (yes I tried starving as I really want a good result). Actually, I found out that it is not good to starve because it will reduce my muscle instead of my fat. Meaning all my hard work of earning the muscle will go down the drain if I starve. See? That is one of the reasons we need to get a doctor consultation.

After a month of adapting to new eating habit and exercising, Happy to see that there is an improvement on my result. Actually, I didn’t know that it takes more than just exercise and diet need. Actually A LOT  of determination, motivation is needed too. I realized that I got so nervous on friday night because I am scared (yes literally scared) to go to my appointment. I am scared because I really did my best but what is the machine does not show good result? What if I got fatter? I didnt know that losing weight is a very nerve-wracking situation especially when you are monitored.

The good thing about going to Signature Clinic is I felt like my worries are well understood. Since they go through the same process before. Nurses keep giving emotional support. Even when my number is not as great as I want it to be, they keep telling me that it is okay that I tried my best. I felt better every time I meet all of them. It feels like they understand the struggle and they want me to succeed. It is really helpful to have this kind of mental support actually.

On every visit, they will also take my picture to see and monitor the physical progress. All I need to do is just move around in circle and picture of my body from 360 angle are taken. After 1.5 months I already realized that most of my clothes are loose. OMG yes!! Felt like winning a jackpot. The more I lost inches, the more I felt like pushing myself further.

My tight jeans getting looser and looser each round and it really means a lot to me. Even my husband start to follow my eating habit and start exercising. Maybe he is also influenced to be a better version of himself or maybe the competitive side of him don’t want to lose to me hahaha, either way, I am happy that he decided to opt for a healthier lifestyle. Actually, it is easier to have your whole family to adopt the same lifestyle. So we will opt for healthier groceries together and even pick a healthier restaurant if we decide to eat outside.  


The machine in the picture above is called Accent Prime. This one is used around my tummy area since I have stretch marks and saggy skin. You can check out my instagram highlight  “nak kurus” to see how it works and what I undergo during the treatment. This is the least painful treatment compare to the rest. This machine involved two processes. The first stages, helps to liquidity my fats (so it is easier to lose it during my workout session) the next stages help to tighten up the skin. After losing weight it is quite normal to have saggy skin. This machine will help to reduce the sagginess.

Like I mentioned earlier, I did three machine treatment (total of three sessions) during the whole 4 months journey. First-month focus on changing my lifestyle. Do you know that scientifically it took min 21 days to develop a habit. The first month is very important as it helps to reprogram my work out and eating habit. Then I amfinally ready to get some help from machines.

See I told you, nurses at Signature Clinic super cute and friendly. I don’t feel like a stranger at all coming here for treatment. The second machine I tried is called Thermage. Doctor did warn me that it could hurt. I was quite confident and proudly mention “ it is okay doctor I gave birth twice already”this one sure can. Guess what? OMG so sakit hahahahaha. That’s why sometimes cannot be too confident also.  Cant believe I didnt take a picture with the Thermage machine. You can check out my ig stories highlight for that. I will link my instagram towards the end of this post to make it easier. Thermage machine will help to tighten up my saggy skin after losing weight.

When I thought Thermage machine is already “ganas”. I was wrong. This Fraxel machine is the one I will remember till I die. I asked Doctor Chee, “Will this Fraxel machine be painful?” She said “pain but different pain” I tell you sheis quite a funny person. I think she may be enjoying doing the treatment on me. Have you ever laugh and cried at the same time? I did exactly that during my Fraxel treatment. Dr. Chee told me I am the first person who cried during treatment. Not the kind of record I want to break but ..thank you, I guess?   By the way, Fraxel Machine target to also tighten up my saggy skin and reducing stretch marks. The first few days you'll noticed the skin around the treatment area wil be dark then there will be slight peeling. After that my skin complexion become way better before the treatment. 

To know more about which treatment, which machine that help you achieve your goals please do visit them k? I can't say that you have to go to all treatment that I did because maybe my concern is different than yours. Plus all of us are unique so I really suggest for you to get a proper consultation before making any decision.

Actually, they already put numbing cream and let it sit for 30 minutes to be absorbed into my skin. Even with that, I cried LOL


I make it very simple la because my blogpost already super lengthy now. These are
the things I did : -
  • Try to eat as much veggies and fruits possible every single day.
  • Avoid carbohydrate as much as possible (1/4 portion of rice or noodles compare to my usual intake.
  • Allocate “reward day” once a week to enjoy what I feel like having.
  • Even on my reward day, I tried to be as healthy as possible. I dont want to self sabotage from achieving my goal.
  • Drink enough water, this is also important for the body to function better and good functioning body will help our overall function hence help to reduce out weight.
  • Opt for healthy snacks like almonds, raisin, grapes.
  • Drink infused water with raisins and drink green tea daily.
  • I also did intermittent fasting as many days as I could.
  • Take more proteins since it is needed to grow muscle
  •  I also take EPO oil, multivitamins, 1000mg of extra vitamin C and magnecal plus on daily basis. The idea is to make sure my body has all the nutrients it needs to be at the most optimum state.
  • You may also consult a doctor if you need any other prescriptions. Do not simply take without consultation. 


Since day one of signing up for this weight loss journey. I have been trying my very best to work out daily. I never knew that I can be such a changed person hahaha.. To be honest I was never the super active person before. I did not have any gym membership. All I did was exercising at home. During the consultation doctor will suggest which exercise works the best and what are the kind of activity I can do that can fit into my current schedule. Let’s be honest here.  I am a mom with two young kids, I dont have full-time maid at home and I am also working full time on top of maintaining this blog. I really dont have the luxury to go to the gym. If I list down excuses it will be a long list. Instead of doing that, it is better I focus on what I can do. Let me share with you what I did :-

  • Make use of stairs.
  • Start small and then push your mental and body further.
  • To goal to get better be active and to build strength not to become a hulk haha
  • Do HIIT exercise at home from YouTube.
  • Do cardio like running, if you don’t have a treadmill just run at any park near you.
  • Sit up, lots of sit up. Like I said start small and push further each time. This helps for my tummy area.
  • Try to be as active, move around more.


Same clothing, the same person with completely different habit and lifestyle. The picture on the right is me around 3 months in this weight loss journey. I am already very happy with the progress hence I took the picture. What I can say is, if we can have it we can lose it. The same way otherwise. Our current state of life be it physically or mentally is really depending on our habit. One good habit no matter how small will accumulate over time. Imagine doing as many habits and being very consistent about it. Imagine what kind of person you will become. If I read one book today, it not make me smarter instantly. If I read 3 books daily for 4 months, then I’ll yield the result. My point is you have to be consistent. You have to want it so much that you are willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes and you don't give up till you saw the progress.

I realized the transformation and people around me start noticing it too. I tend to develop a better relationship with food. I gain even more confident. I don't hate looking at mirror anymore. I do not reject sinful food altogether. 

There are times when I go out to eat with a friend or meet family members or enjoy a slice of cake during my kids birthday. However, when I consume sinful food, I try my best to balance back by working extra harder and eat extra healthier the next day. It is an ongoing battle about which choices to make. After all, we are exactly where we are because of all the decisions we make it our life. It accumulates and become our reality with or without us realizing.

One of my best moment when I achieved 50.3kg I never imagine I can be 50kg. If I eat more and don't exercise then I will start collecting the “kg” back hahaha…

My friend helps to snap this photo, May not be a big deal to you but it does mean a lot to me.  think I look happier and slimmer here. You can also include some mini workout in office as every moment can be used to contribute to your goals.

My deepest thank you to Dr Chee for holding my hand and guiding me during this journey. Appreciate it so much and now that I achieved my goal I need to also work hard to maintain or become an even better version of myself. I hope this humble sharing will give you a realistic insight that you can also be the best version of yourself if you don't give up. I hope you find this info helpful somehow.

Dr Chee is also kind enough to give free consultation to those who say they are my friend hahaha Just go and visit her k? Thank you so much for reading this up and till next blogpost. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!

Signature Clinic
Lot L2-19, DC Mall, Damansara City, 6 Jalan Damanlela, 50490 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

+603 20111833
+6018 324 5295

Link to my instagram :
You can see the whole journey from day 1.

Also, check out the video I did below if you want more details and I put in some tips.


  1. Waaah bravo! You def. look healthy, slimmer & happy. Thanks for sharing this insightful journey.

    1. hey... thank you for dropping by Vera! it means lot to received an encouragement and love from you. Hugs!!


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