An opinion about GAZA war from a lady who are powerless and Really hoping that she could HELP.

Today I am going to write up a topic that is slightly difference than what I normally write about.. Today I am going to write about my personal opinion about WAR.. Not a specific war.. Any freaking war.. Don’t tell me there is a war where not a single innocent people died… In ever war, innocent people died.. Do they deserve it? What if those people who died are your love ones? Your parents? Your close friends?

People who start up a war definitely have their own motive… forget about who is right and who is wrong.. I personally against it.. I do understand that I do not have any power to stop it.. but it just breaks my heart when nobody cares and give an ignorant statement over it..

Lets talk about humanity.. Is it right to kill other people? I don’t know what others might think.. but to me it is still wrong and hurtful… If we can feel sad and moved over those who are affected by natural disaster like tsunami or storm or land slide… What about human caused disaster? Like bombing other countries with 1500 gigantic bombs in 3 days? We cant stop nature disaster? But WAR? We cant stop it either. However, please stop double standardizing and being bias..

End the end of the day, the authority can just instruct and who suffered? The innocent people… It is a simple math… If raping and stealing is a criminal act and taken as negative act.. What about war towards other countries?

We cant change the world.. plus we cant expect everyone to think the same.. people have to right to have their own opinion..  It truly breaks my heart…. I think it is just me.. I cared to much maybe…  If you wanna judge me or.. argue with me.. go on :) I dont mind... I strongly against ANY war ... even though that if (God Forbid) it happen to you or your family.. I will still hold my ground and still against it.  

Check out this video..Non muslim in UK put an effort in banning the war. This is Humanity.. People hold hand to fight on what they BELIEVE is wrong.


  1. why must human live in WAR whereas we suppose to live peacefully.


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