Stay Positive & Be happy :)

In life there is always bump here and there :) No worries you can still be happy..

Happy is a state of mind which can be control and could affect others :) I love to look at this in most positive way :)

For example, if I fall down a stairs.. (which I have a high tendency of experiencing since I am such a clumsy girl) I wont cry or be unhappy... I'll be like... "Hey, I got down the stairs faster, hahahaha" and start cracking and laughing at it :P

I know it sounded silly, but hey! No point being miserable for things that have already happened right? Might as well endure and accept the facts. and most IMPORTANTLY look at it in the most positive way!

Do you know that your mood can affect people around you? For example, if you walk into a room a saw a lady crying.. you will automaticly felt her emotion.. So, why not spread love and happiness right? Happiness it like a great bubbly boomerang ... Once you tossed it out, it will come back at you :)

Be Happy and stay Happy everyone :)

P/s : Diamonds are made out of rocks that survived a great pressure.. You = Diamond  :) Simple as that!

I love painting :) It keeps me happy :) I drew this on my friend bed room wall... Anyone want me to draw on their wall? I'll be more than happy toooo! For free ofcoz  :) 


  1. you paint too? omg! we have alot in common! i love painting! <3 love the positive energy! keep it up girl!

  2. hehe yeay! double high 5 babe! glad that we have alot in common <3

    spread out the positive energy ya :) Hope can meet you and all the ladies again!

  3. thanks for your lovely sharing


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