Revlon ColorSilk Luminista - Hair Color Product Review

Today I went to the Warehouse sale by Alliance Cosmetic :) and I got a bargain Revlon hair colour product... Guess what? It cost me only RM10 :) Normal price is around RM25 in drug store like Guardian or Watson :)

So I am very excited to try it :) fyi : I picked 175 Medium Blonde

As you can see, my hair is previously coloured ( I use Garnier hair colour previously) and now it has started to grow.. so on top it is like black and moving down ward it is brownish.

I was consulted by the nice lady at the warehouse sale, she told me that this Luminista range range is actually designed for thick hair.. I am like.. yeay! my hair is thick so most of the time the colour wont really came out.. this is the product for me :)

So this is the picture of my hubby in the process of colouring my hair :) Thank you sayang.....

Well this is the result :)

Pro :

  • This product is Ammonia free (so no stinky smell at all)
  • Designed for thick hair, I dont have to spend hoursssssssss just to wait for the colour to come out.
  • This product contain shine-enhancing mango butter :) It claim to leave hair in better condition than before you coloured it. It worked.. my hair is smooth after colouring :) during washing.. when I put on the conditioner.. you can feel that it is really thick conditioner and very creamy
Con :
  • I wish they continue to sell it at RM10 hahahahaha (I wish)
  • Since the conditioner is very thick, you need to spend extra time to wash out the conditioner :)
  • I wish they continue to sell the conditioner as separate products, I love the conditioner and really hope not to run out of it

Product Rating : 8/10

Will I but this product again : Yes, I love the fact that this product have no stinky smell and the colour really come out ( I put it on my hair for just 20 minutes) and the conditioner smell nice with a hint of mango.


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