Mask by SaSatinie Review

Ily beli 4 mask from SaSa that day.. but today I am going to do review for 2 first... which is SaSatinie Aqua Boost Moisturizing Mask and Honey Peach (Nourishing and brightening Mask).. I bought both mask at a discounted price during the clearance sale. Each mask retailing at RM 4.90 each and I got it for 4 mask at only RM10 :)  So worth it..................  I am such a sucker for discount :P

Well enough of bla bla.. and here you go :)

 This is how it looks like :) This mask have Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Sage Extract and Collagen.

Do you know that Hyaluronic acid helps holding in moisture, providing cushioning, aiding in 

tissue repair, holding together the skin structural components collagen and elastin, and helping 

create a protective barrier against microorganisms ? 
Sage extract is largely responsible for most of its therapeutic properties, especially its anti-septic, astringent and relaxing actions.

I don't think it is necessary for me  to explain more about Green Tea and Collagen to all of you ladies right?  :)  Since it is super popular ingredient in most skin care or cosmetic products :)

This mask is made in Korea and selling at RM 4.90 if you didnt buy it during SALE  :P 

 This is was it claimed at the back :)  As usual the suggested time for wearing mask is 15 to 20 mins

 Ta..da... This is the Honey Peach Mask, I found it to be more slimmy and watery compared to the Aqua Boosting Mask and this mask also have a hint of peach smell :) Which I love 

 This is what written at the back of the packaging.  

 Well this is exactly how you shouldnt be wearing your mask like... Detect my mistake :)

  • placement of the mask is not event, resulting poor absorption, certain part of the skin cant fully absorb the nutrient from the mask 
  • did not tied up my hair, it is just messy.. so I personally like my hair not to get in the way :)



This is the right way to put on your putting mask.
  • ensure that you wear a head band, or tied up your hair, in my case I used my towel I put on my hair mask the same time I put on my face mask :) Speaking of multitasking haha
  • Ensure that you place your mask correctly and it covers the whole area of your face except you eye area :) 
Thanks for reading my review... 

p/s: What mask do you use? Please share with me.. I would love to try it tooo!


  1. mesti best pakai mask ni..sejuk je kan

  2. i've tried sasatinnie mask but the other one in blue colour. but i think nothing change after im using it

    1. owh... different skin different penetration degree :) yg biru tu untuk ape?

  3. lazy some time no use mask

  4. thanks for your lovely sharing

  5. so much useful tips found here.


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