Red Earth (All-in-One Concealer Kit) Review

I went to SaSa Moving out Sales today at the e@Curve.. the product is retailing at RM 59.00 and I got it for RM29.00  great deal right?   

Ok let let tell you briefly about Red Earth cosmetics.. You could also get your red earth cosmetic at any ESPRIT store :) Sebab Esprit bought over Red Earth cosmetic company. It was founded in Australia in 1989 as an environmentally-aware alternative to mainstream companies, taking a similar line to The Body Shop. Since then it has morph into a fashion-following colour cosmetics brand. Tapi paling senang korang bole beli kat SaSa 

 I love this products sebab die All-in-One so senang nak bawak travel.. tak payah brings lot of other concealer.. just bawak yang ni je.. 

 It it a total worth it buy :) You need to spend lots of money to buy each of every conceler if it comes in a bottles.. costing around RM30 - RM100 each.. Then if you all jenis yang jarang make up kan rugi beli :) Like for me, I only use concealer once in a while when I have occasions to attend, when I have the time to put on proper make up or when I am doing make up on my clients :) Other than that I go so a more less pile simple look..
 comel tak? Isn't it the cutest concealer ever? It is also very user friendly.. untuk those yg tak berape familier with concealer and the function.. die ade cam a small guide attached to the casing which have the mini details of each concealer funtion :) and it also function as the cover :P
 Look at this cute brushes!!! Well I do like it because it look cute n feel soft.. but I wont really use it since I prefer my other make up brushes :) But this is very useful when travelling .
 So my new concealer kit ni is actually made in Italy.. So this is what it says at the back..  
 The casing is mirror like :) So you can use also use it as a mirror without opening the case :) Handy right?
 This is like a little guide.. on how you use your concealer.. 
 When I was doing make up on my customer ramai yg tanyer.. The green cream is for what? I dont want to look like a Shrek :P Well the green cream concealer is to cover your redness and when mix the lighter base of concealer can also cover your blemished.. making you look like a doll!!  :)
 More tips :)

So that it for this post :)  I'll post more products review very soon!!

P/s: I bought this product with my own hard earned money :) I am not sponsored by Red Earth company.. and my opinion is an honest opinion based on my own personal thoughts.


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