Las Carretas - USJ Taipan Subang Jaya

On the second day of CNY, me and my hubby decided to go for a dating night.. We wanted to eat Crab actually.. but as we went to Taman Megah and to SS15 Subang.. Mostly all shops are closed due to CNY :P

so we were wondering around.. dont know what to eat.. we decided to try a new restaurant and we don’t want to go for for the mainstream one.. we wanted to try something exciting since it is our date night :) 

So we wonder around in USJ Taipain Subang Jaya.. yeay! From far we saw nice signboard and we peek inside :P We decided to try out Las Carretas.. FYI they serve Mexican food and there is no pork served.

Hubby and I were amazed on how creatively they decorated the whole restaurant :) We decided to seat upstair since it will be more private :) 

When we arrived, we both ordered Mocktail ( Mocktail is a non-achoholic mixed drinks mostly with fresh juice) We were pleased since the the mocktail arrived with a cute love design on top of the drinks.. I found it cute :) 

Like normal fancy restaurant, they provide tit bits..  before your meal arrived. In Las Carretas, they gave Nachos and fresh tomatoes dipping salsa kinda style  :)  I love it!! So cruchy and yummy.. It gave you the “Mexican” kinda feeling..

As for the main dish, I wanted something in small portion because I am not THAT hungry.. I ordered a kiddie meal because I just wanted to try out and not really in a eating mood….. but my request was rejected :(  FYI you cant order a kiddie meal if you an adult here.. Well, some restaurant do allow.. But its okay.. maybe it is just their policy.. Well, finally I ordered a Lamb Shank.. its ok if I cant finish it.. I can always “ tapau” so  typical Malaysian right? Muahaha

Anyway, My husband ordered a beef steak ( I forgot the real name since it is kinda fancy and it is in Mexican… muahahaha. My hubby love the taste and he said that the baked potato with the sour cream is really nice.
Luckily we didn't order any desert.. The portion is big and really worth your every penny :) I was very full. Then ya.. I tapau the balance of my Lamb Shank.. They even included a pasta below my lamb.. See?that’s y.. it is very filling.

Total cost for 2 meal and two drinks = RM 127++

Ambience : 8/10 (Lots of fancy d├ęcor that feed your eye while waiting for your food)
Cleanliness : 6/10 ( I cant really see it the lighting is orangy and yellowish)
Food            :  9/10 (my hubby love it)
Service        : 10/10  (Very friendly and accommodating)

Will I come again?
Yes and No.
Yes – If I want to bring my friends for birthday celebration or any fancy stuff like date night :)
No – If it is just simple occasions.. since the price is kinda above my normal budget for a simple dinner..

If you wanna try it out, 

No. 14, USJ 10/1E, Subang UEP, 47620, Subang Jaya, Selangor
03-5637 3058


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