The Lilac Box - Debut Box Review Feb 2013

After a long full of anticipation wait.. It was all worth it! To be honest, I was really excited waiting for my blind date to arrived :) Thank you so much to The Lilac Box team for sponsoring me this box for a review :)

This is what the box look like :)  I prefer the plain lilac ribbon, anyway polka dot is cute too! 

The Lilac box cost RM35 only what make them unique is that they provide only premium brand :) I have been subscribing to few other boxes and I am very pleased with the size of sample given by The Lilac Box. Even though they also have sachet but it is a premium brand woot! woot!

So let see what is inside the box :) 

Combination of beauty, skincare & hair care products.

This is sticked in the inside part of the box cover

Well, like most girls.. I do recycle the boxes by storing my products.. But it is kinda cute when there is a small suggestion given like this.. 

When I say the small "angpow" size envelope.. I was wondering maybe they out the coupons in there.. I was wrong.. haha.. It is actually a note from "The 3 Guys From The Lilac Box"  See the yellow paper with tiny love there? Thats the cute "angpow" sized envelope :)   

It was printed and neat.. Anyway I still preferred the hand written gesture :P 

So for the fun part, Lets take a closer look of the products!!  

Max Factor Limited Edition Nail Polish.. I don't really use nail polish... But it is always good to share the love.. I am giving this away to my friend :)

OMG!! When I saw there is Roberto Cavalli stuff inside.. My heart stopped :P hahahahah.. Yes! Yes!
Best part of all it is the 30ml sized Perfume Body Lotion :) Oh my! I think this is the STAR of all the items in the box :P 

Next, Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner.. The most generous sized shampoo sample that I have ever received! 80ml for Shampoo & 75ml for the conditioner :) 

Thank you for including these into the box guys! 

I have never used Burberry products before.. because of the "ehem ehem" price.. Well This time around I could happily try out premium range products :)

What do I expect? haha Ofcoz it is a sachet.. 1ml each. However there are 4 sachets :) 
Do you know that it is the ALL-in-One Make up and Skincare?

It helps to moisturize & perfect all skin tone while rose extract soothes & softens skin anti-aging properties help to restore elasticity of your skin's epidermis. Yeay to that! 

The last products is skincare by Decleor Paris. I received Essential Cleansing Milk & Essential Tonifying Lotion 

I don't really fancy receiving skincare since I have my own skincare routine.. But I could always share the love by giving it to my friends and maybe my awesome supportive readers 

Like all the other beauty boxes, there are always a vouchers :) 

This time around I received Scalp Treatment Voucher valued RM50 from Centro Hair Salon and RM 98 voucher of Signature Aromaplasty Facial (NP RM230 1hr 45mins).

Do you want your own blind date with premium products? Well you can :) 

You may get more info from The Lilac Box facebook

Have a great weekend ladies :) 


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