Acer going to Launch the most AWESOME Ultrabook!!

May 14, 2013

Dear all,

Do you know that Acer is going to launch their Awesome Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™  very very soon in Malaysia? ? Wow wee! And thanks to Nuffnang, there are giving out invites to few lucky bloggers! How I wish I could be one of the lucky bloggers :P *wink*Wink

Do you want to go too? Here is a chance to win yourself a pair of tickets! Super simple you can check it out here on how to participate. Hopefully we can win our self the tickets and be able to witness the Launch!

Let me share with you some juicy details about this new Ultrabook™ Inspired by Intel.  Acer is  calling it an ultrabook convertible but it basically a window 8 tablet with a detachable keyboard. Which is a combination of a tablet and and laptop. Not just that it is also  ultraportable (light plus easy to carry and portability ) To top it off it is detachable and have a Touch Centric function which that enable you have the best control over all your action.

Check out the video to see how awesome this latest creation!

P/s : Tiesto is very cute in this video haha…


  1. My Mr. T would love to own this for his job!

    1. tu la.. cam best kan? portable n functional sangat!

  2. Ughhhh I've been wanting to get one - I'm literally relying on my brother's computer now whenever I need to work or get online when I'm at home. But I'm saving up for a new camera and an Acer Iconia B1. Major first world pains, haha! x

    1. hang in there Ana :)

      p/s : i have to use my phone as my camera.. event during event! :P

  3. Can I get the laptop instead? :p

  4. Acer is an economic affordable brand.


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