My Favorites Beauty Tools

Like many ladies out there, we have so many beauty tools that assist us to maintain our beauty. I just like to share with all of you what are my favorites beauty tools :)  I hope it will help to inspire you too!

1) Lavender Scented Eye Mask - I have talk about this in my previous post here :P I am including it in this list because I love it.. It have helped me to gain good sleep at night. I got it for RM 5 at Daiso.

2) Hair Roller - I have "degil" bangs and this help me to achieve a smooth n fluffy hair band with out heating my hair :) I got for for RM 10 for 10 pcs. But I lost 8 of them.. I dont know where they went.. they just magically disappear.  

3) Nail Buffer - I shared this one earlier too! My favorite nail buffer from Body Shop. To me it is the most reliable nail buffer at an affordable price. You can check out my earlier post here. I got it for RM 19.90  

4) Feet filer - It is in my favorite list because it help to keep my feet smooth. Last time I was one of the girl who dont really prefer to have my feet filed because of the tingling sensations. However, once I got use to it.. I can see the difference. You need to file you feet to keep it smooth and to take out those dead skins from your feet. You just have to pass the tingling phase. 

5) Beauty Razor - I got it for RM7.90 for 3 pcs. I made sure I never run out of this.. It is very handy.. I like to use it to trim or cut of any facial hair.

6) Limited Edition Shu Eumura Eye Lash Curler - I got it as a complimentary in goodie bag when I attend the Princess Party By Shu Eumura & Plus Size Kitten last March. Thank you so much Tammy for inviting :) You can check out my experience attending the event here 

7) Tweezer and I also called it as P.B.K  - This one is a definitely must have to keep me away from looking like an orang hutan.. haha.. actually P.B.K stand for pencabut bulu ketiak... haha

8) Detangling Comb by Body Shop - I got this one for RM 19.90.  I love this comb because it help to detangling my hair while it it still wet.. A wooden comb is the best option for detangling hair like mine

9) Bath Scrubber - I got this one because it is cute! Panda scrubber :P How could I said no right?  I have few other scrubber, the one with wooden handle and the bath puff but this one is my favorite. It looks cute and because of the string provided I can reach my back and it is not so harsh on the skin :) This one I got it from Daiso for only RM 5

10) Hair Head band for Mask Session - I recently purchase this well from Daiso as well. So many cute stuff at very affordable price. P/S I bought it on my own I was not sponsored by Daiso. For RM 5 this is a very worth it item. Last time I have some hard time wearing my mask because my hair love to get in the way and making me look like a crazy monkey. With the help of this hair band, my hair dosent get in the way.. Weee! 

Last night is one of the nervous night in my life.. my hubby, my bro and I sleep late waiting for our GE13 result. Armed with 3 laptops and TV we patiently waited for change. However, we still need to work hard and hopefully able to get the change that we have dream off all these while. I respect everyone own opinion over which ever party that they have chosen.  Those yang like to bising2 did you voted? If you did good job! you have done your part. Those who do not voted, just observed and make sure you perform you duty in the next 5 years, 

Ok,,, I dont want to messed up your mind with politic stuff ( I bet most of you already pening watching all the drama in your fb timeline) 

Just to conclude this post, Below are my "perasan" picture :P  I decided to reduce the tense by enjoying my face mask session. (Selangor cuti the next day!)  Thanks to my friend Elena for this Royal Jelly Mask from Etude House. I love the honey smell so natural :) 

Whats your favorite beauty tools? do share with me please.. I love to know too!


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    1. ya... my secret code.. not so secret anymore hahaha

  2. Now i feel like getting the lavender scented eye mask

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    for providing this info.

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  4. Hey Illy!! Now only I remembered that we met before at Etude House BFF Party!
    Remember me? :p

    1. ofcoz Charmaine :) I remembered you! hopefully we can meet again during next event :P

  5. thanks for your lovely sharing

  6. ladies always have much tool than guy

  7. the panda not looks like a Bath Scrubber. hahahaha it's so cute. at first, i was wondering what is it?

  8. i'll go & find one from Daiso, too ^^


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