Dr Cafe Coffee - Review

This is not a sponsored post. I bought everything with my own money :)  That day I bought a very good deal at Groupon J  I purchase 2 vouchers!  Each vouchers cost RM 16 and you could redeem RM40. Since I got 2, so I could utilize RM 80 and I only paid RM 36 for it………. Sweet right? I don’t know if it is still available or not.. but you can check out Groupon website for the deal.

Basically, Dr. Café Coffe have the more or less same concept like Starbucks & Coffee Bean, so if you need a new place to hang out.. why don’t come and check out D. Café Coffee. They have few outlets in KL and Selangor. The one I went yesterday was the One Utama Outlet. If I am not mistaken they also have the free coffee promotion from 5-6pm. (Since they newly open, I just its their way of promoting the place to customers).

What I like is that the restaurant ambience is very cosy. Big sofa and padded chair hahaa.. to those who love to lepak read book or layan internet.. No worries your butt wont be flat here.. haha

I notice one girl (petite, short hair, I think she is a philipino from her accent) very hard working and bubbly. Other than having a good food and good place, I believe it is totally important to have a good customer service. Thumb upp to the girl. While enjoying my food, I cant help out but to notice how hard working she is.

She was at the cashier. taking order and never failed to smile.. Not just that I also saw her helping out her peers in preparing food. When there is no customer at the cashier, she help out to clear the table. From the way she do her work, you can see that she is genuinely happy and eager to help out.  Kudos to her!

 I hope you enjoy the pictures of the yummy food we ordered! The bills come out to RM 87++ 



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