Vital Purity Lift Mask - by Nature & Co

Last few night, I tried out the Vital Purity Mask by Nature Co. It is actually a sample that I got from HiShop. I have been receiving few packets of this mask since HiShop is very generous! Do you know that you can get up to 3 samples when you purchase via HiShop?   

Anyway, the products are made in Japan and each sachet contained 13.0gram.  currently I get used to putting on a mask sheet instead of the liquid mask directly to my face.. Anyhow, the texture is thick so you won’t have any super liquidly drippings. The only thing is I suggest you keep wet tissue nearby since your fingers will be smeared by the products. If you have a big brush to apply you mask that would be really helpful. 

Ingredients: Natural Clay, Organic plant extract essence (moisturizing), Organic lavender extract essence,  Organic chamomile extract essence, Natural Vitamin E (emollient), Collagen (moisturizing), GABA (moisturizing) and Hot spring water.

Since the products contain 13.0 gram which is quite a lot, I get my husband to try it out too :P  haha..  During the application, I can feel the tingling sensation when the mask about to harden.. I can feel that my skin became smooth like a babies butt! 

Like most of the clay based mask , the only cons is you might need some effort while cleaning your face afterwards.
Have you tried it?  If you haven’t, You may grab the full size products from at RM 88.90 for 140ml.


  1. i dah 2 kali pakai ni... xde hubby lg..huhu... :P
    Best kan, thinking of buying the full size one...

    1. wee.. nanti ade ler tuh hubby.. skang da ade bf dah.. tak lame lagik jadi hubby ler tuh :P

      same here.. I pun tgh consider ni :)

  2. i pon dapat free sample mask ni from hishop ..
    heee ...
    nnt nak try jgak la

  3. ooh i never know this is in fact a clay mask?

  4. I really like clay mask because I think it can proper clean our skin before we continue for function mask

  5. I'll find for a sample size before I purchase the full size. thanks a lot again to intro


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