HiShop May Surprise!

Thank you so much HiShop for the collaborations!! This month HiShop sent me a box with 3 Awesome products to be reviewed :)

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion Lip Balm (Cerise)

This product smells like bubblegum so yummy!! It give you a sheer natural looking tint and evening primrose oil, beeswax & aloe vera to heal lips & improve suppleness :) Isnt that nice? This produt is retailing at RM39.90 and currently HiShop is having a Flash Sale and you can get it RM29.90 instead! weee :) 

I got this products from WonderBox last few months and who dosent love Lavender??  hahaha If you are wondering what you can do with Essential oil... let me share wit hyou some tips that I learned :) 

  • Body Oils. Mix 1 cup carrier oil with 30-60 drops essential oil. Use as a moisturizer after a shower or add to a bath. 
  • Sunburn. Fill a 4 oz. glass spray bottle with distilled water and add 10 drops lavender essential oil. Spray on burnt area to relieve pain and promote healing.
  • Air Freshener. Fill a jar about 1/2 full of baking soda along with 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Using a hammer and nail, poke holes in the lid and place somewhere your air needs freshening.
  • Clean your mattress. Add several drops of essential oil to a cup of baking soda and sprinkle over mattress. Leave for an hour and then vacuum up.

Most uses require only a few drops of essential oil. Store essential oils in a cool, dark place and they will keep for years.Woohoo!

However, especially for internal use, it’s important to make sure you are using high quality, pure essential oils.

This mineral foundation contains Vitamin E and it is frangerance free. I have tried it up yet.. so we will see :P This one is currently retailing at RM79.90 an yes! since HiShop is habing a Flash Sale you can get it at RM 34.90 instead :P How sweet! 

Check out the Flash Sale that is happening at www.hishop.my  now :) 


  1. i love lavender...ahhh so relaxing..

    1. yup2 plus recevied samples by wondebox for lavender sample as well last few months :P

  2. thanks for your lovely sharing

  3. i would like to know whether this is a premium essential oil? im looking for a great oil


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