Spa Party – The Butterfly Projects (Please pick me, *Wink*Wink*)

I have mention Butterfly Projects quite a few times in my previous blogpost and I am very happy and grateful that I bump into this community. It is the best place to share your common interest for beauty junkie like myself. If you are a social media butterfly bloggers/vloggers that are passionate with all the fun ladies stuff.

This is the place to be. Via butterfly projects you will make great friends, you can share your post/views/reviews and not just that you might be able to get invites for event and have an opportunity to join all the fun party!  

This coming June, there will be another fun party and this time around there will be ten generous collaborations! Weehooo!  

To win an invite, all you need to do is go this link and check out the post by our founder Tammy from  and submit your entry via the Rafflecopter.  You may check out the complete details from Tammy’s post, but just incase it might help, below is how you could win yourself an invite!

  • ·         You need to share some love by liking all of the kind collaborating partner’s facebook.
  • ·         Blog or Vlog “3 Reasons WHY I will not miss this Spa Party”
  • ·         Don’t forget to mention all 10 collaborating partners ya!
  • ·         Cross your fingers and hope that you will make the team fall in love with your lovely post
  • ·         Share it via all the social media platform you have (fb,instagram,twitter)

As for my entry, the 3 Reasons WHY I will not miss this Spa Party… Drum rolls**

First and foremost, I want to meet bloggers and vloggers in person!! I have been checking out their post and videos and have been communicating via comments and fb but I never meet some of them in persons. By joining this event I will be able to do so. Weeeee!  Well, ofcos I am more than happy to meet the one I have meet before  as well  :P  The more the merrier right?

Second reason why I will not miss this party is, I can’t say no to nice food, nice ambience, and a good pampering session!  The best place to be at any time of the day :P hahaha I mean.. come on, SPA PARTY!  I personally don’t know anyone who will say no to this level of awesomeness :P

Last but not least,  to be apart of an exciting and fun project by The Butterfly Project is something I really don’t want to miss.  I missed the earlier event during in May since I was at travelling during that event. I don’t want to miss this one! I will block my calendar and do anything with all my heart to make sure I will able to attend this event if I am selected J

Thank you so much to Tammy from Butterfly Projects and the SWAT Team (Super Woman Assistants Team) for making this happen.

A BIG Hug to all of the collaborating partners from  Posh!Nail Spa, Idea Food Solution, Fotobox, Tres Chic Party Planner, The Body Shop, soSoft so JOHNSON'S®, Havaianas Malaysia, PinkNProper, TTMask Malaysia and  Great thank you for collaborating with The Butterfly Project!

A BIGGER Hug to all of you for  believing and supporting us as a group of independent beauty bloggers & vloggers!!   

p/s : Havainas is having a competition as well  :) dont forget to check it out ya!


  1. Hahaha why u didn't say you're from the SWAT team? Thanks for blogging and sharing about this illy. I love it when u say this level of awesomeness! I was beginning to think maybe nobody join hahahhahaha

    1. muahaha.. simply tunggu until official announce :P dont want to simply perasan self declare muahahahahahaha

      many peopl will join la.. that one is confirmed edy, spa party? saying no? not telly at all hahaha

  2. a few more days.... dunno whether got time to create the post... my brain koyak edi...... sigh.....

    I need motivation... hahahahha

  3. seen some ideas for including all the partners..... will try la..... give me a nudge if I am still sleeping... LOL

  4. so u have made your dream comes true!


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