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 I received my Vanity Trove the Awesome Wholesome edition today.. all thank to Vanity Trove for sponsoring me a box for review! Thanks for making my friday more Awesome Wholesome :) As you can see above Vanity Trove have improved from time to time when it comes to their content. 

This time around, they include 2 new products that I am not very familiar with.. I found it interesting since one of it is Goat's Milk based products :)

Above is the products descriptions.. Most products sent are tailored to your preference when you fill up you beauty profile.  So some might received different content compared to others .. Dont go bising2 if you didn't get all products in the pamphlet ya :P 

These two products are from SkinLab and are the ones I am most excited about. Tilley Soap there cost RM 12 per bar and the goats milk are sourced directly from Australian Goat Milk farm, not just that it also include organic shea butter, jojoba oil and cocoa butter. Cant wait to berangan like a princess and enjoy milk based soap :P

The other one is the Pure South Milk Body Lotion that cost RM 59 for 255ml. I was given a deluxe sample. It was not written how much is the amount. However, as you can see the sample size is quite generous.  

Essential oil :) this one is from Heaven on Earth and currently retailing at RM 50 for 5ml. I personally believe that is quite expensive for 5ml. However considering this is pure essential oil, and with all the benefits and usage diversity so the price can still be considered. My sample contained 1.5ml that valued around RM15.

My sample was Lavender. Do you know that Lavender benefits includes promote sleeping, reduce aches, reduce anxiety ( i need that.. haha) , balance plus tone your skin and it also helps to soothes insect bites?  

Avene Thermal need no further introduction :) I actually quite glad that they include the Themal Water in this month's box. The reason being is I am actually a very loyal customer to Avene.

If you check out my few earlier post, you might notice that I made few reviews of the Avene Thermal Water. I am in love with it ever since I joined their workshop. It is very suitable for sensitive skin and have multiple usage.

Last two weeks, me and my friends help like a girls night in kind of thing and I supplied the Avene Themal Water with the mask sheet for the girls to enjoy :) 

The last products is by Schwarzkopf and it is actually a Natural Shine Serum for hair.It claims to give a natural shine to the hair. As you can see the texture is creamy like, I havent tried it out yet.. we will see whether it works :) 

Check out next month theme :) Obsessive Beauty.. I wonder what surprises are waiting for us next month.. Go and secure your box at for only RM 50 per month. 


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