Dreadlocks? this is what you need to know

Hello everyone. My name is Johan. I am Illy’s husband. This is my first time writing for Illy blog as a guest writer.. From now on, I will be contributing write ups every now and then. Hope you guys enjoy it drop a comment or two on anything that I can improve.

For my first write up, I would like to share with everyone my experience and findings on dreadlocks. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Dreadlocks is probably a controversial topic. Some people love it, some are not. For those who love it, it is usually because of obvious reason. It looks cool, stand out from the crowd, probably a musician or just a cool hipster. But for those who dislike it, it is due to the reasons that they “geli” looking at it, looks like gigantic “ekor tikus”, “busuk” and the list goes on and on.

For me personally, I’m in the former category. I love dreadlocks for the fact that (well at least for me) I love the “musician look and aura”. Haha. I know. Perasan. Back in 2008, when I managed to grow my pony tail for the first time, I did considered to get dreadlocks at that time. Spoke to my cousin, he encouraged me. I did have some cash that time, but I hate to admit that I chickened out. I don’t know what to expect from my surrounding. I was curious at how people around me would react, but I didn’t dare to take the risk if any of them would (especially my parents) “bahan” me later.

During that time, the cost of getting dreadlocks is around RM200 – RM400 depending on where you go to get ‘em. Cewah. When I was in MMU Melaka, there are few foreign students who are good in braiding hair and dreadlocks will charge you about RM200. There was a rasta shop at Dataran Pahlawan that time and they are charging up to RM400 complete with hair care products for you to clean and maintain your locks.

On our recent visit to Chiang Mai, we saw a hair salon very near to one of our favourite lunch spot that offers dreadlocks service. I was intrigued when the staff at the salon told us that it only costs THB100 per lock/piece. I was excited, scared, worried, happy and confused all at the same time. Right after we reached back at the hotel, I decided that I will give it a go at dreadlocks.

I walked backed to the hair salon alone from the hotel after Sofea had slept, I did not realize I walked so fast that I was sweating heavily (seriously) when I arrived at the salon. There was a girl getting her hair braided with colourful hair clips for her school play accompanied by her mother. I had to wait for my turn. I really didn’t mind at all although I actually waited for my turn for almost an hour. Haha. Excited punya pasal.

Then my turn came, and I was seated in front of the mirror. I requested for the fattest locks available as I want it to look like Bob Marley’s. They put on seven dreadlocks extensions on my hair and the whole process took about an hour. It started with parting my hair into seven different sections for the locks to be “locked” in place. The bigger the section, bigger dreadlocks can be formed. Once parted, each section will be backcombed and they knit my hair as neatly as they could, to form dreadlocks and will act as a base apply the extension on. It is actually quite a simple process though.

I was so happy when it finally completed. The extension ended down my back until my waist.  I rushed back to the hotel to show it to Illy. That moment on I was smiling like a donkey for the rest of the day realizing that I finally had my dream came true.

Then the nightmare begins…Below is exactly how I felt with the dreadlocks:

-    I had trouble to sleep because putting your head on the pillow is no longer comfortable with the dreadlocks.
-   I spent long time in the shower cleaning it.
-   I spent long time drying it after cleaning it.
-  Secara jujur, saya berasa sangat gatal di belakang badan. Serius.
-  Once I started sweating, it just would not stop.
-  Repeat from top

Quite funny when I think about it. I was happy when I got the dreadlocks, but I suffered while trying to keep it. Right after we arrived back in KL from Chiang Mai, I took off the dreadlocks extension.

Back to office, I spoke with some colleagues of mine and they told me a surprising thing. I was shocked. I did not do proper research on that matter though. In Islam, applying hair extension on your own hair using human hair is haram. I am glad that my colleagues told me that. A simple googling and ask-around-ustaz can confirm it. This is the main reason behind this write up. I just want to share my experience and findings from Islamic perspective.

With this article, I hope it would be beneficial to anybody who is still undecided in getting yourself a dreadlock.


  1. I can't imagine the horror of taking care of it! hahaha but I guess the experience of finally get it after so long would be somehow satisfying moment! :D

    1. dia punya muka happy lepas dapat buat tu.. aku tgh tido pun kena kejut ambik his picture hahahahaa... but then after few days he start regret edy.. atleast been there done that la kan? that time we dindt know it was haram, good to to know atleast could share the info to everyone :)

      arigato for dropping by caro! <3

  2. wow thanks so much for this entry! iv'e been thinking for a month to try this dreadlock thing after seeing one of my friends looking so cool having it, but after reading this.. nahh its better to have no hair than having those problems lol

    Jom Terjah : Successful People versus Unsuccessful People

    1. Thank you bro :) glad that this entry influenced your decision..hehe :)

    2. glad that you like this post Khalid! :)

  3. omg I don know why I'm so attracted to read random blog posts from your blog ahha hello illy's hubby!

    1. olla Carolyn :) thank you for dropping by and for commenting babe! <3

  4. hi illya's hubby :) hehehe.. love the look! maybe once in a while you can do this but everyday... a lot of work :)

  5. Ingatkan kalau rambut dreadlocks ni lagi senang nak basuh :D But yeah, extension haram.

  6. Wow, didn't know it cost a bomb to get dreadlocks. Thanks for sharing ^-^

  7. Without hair extention. Can we do dreadlock

    1. Yes you may. But do bare in kind once you do the dreadlock the length of your hair will reduce by half of 3 times 😊

    2. Yes you may. But do bare in kind once you do the dreadlock the length of your hair will reduce by half of 3 times 😊


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