Divorce Ceremony - Japan (This is Real)

Yesterday I read a post in twitter by OMGfacts.

As a bride to be, I am cracking my head trying to organize my wedding. And when i come across the tweet, i can stop by laughing! hahaha

I was like " so divorce people have to do event as well?"

Well there must a certain reason, we live in a wonderful world where there are so many culture and to get to know about new culture is interesting to me =)

Below is the youtube video of the Divorce ceremony in Japan

Semalam ily ade bace post dalam twitter dari OMGfacts.

Sebagai bakal pengantin, ily memang stress nak urus majlis kahwin tu nanti. SO bile terbaca tweet tu memang ily tergelak la kan! hahaha

"Nak bercerai pun kene urus event juga?"

Ape2pun, semua benda mesti ade sebab, kita semua hidup dalam dunia ni.. banyak budaya and dapat learn banyak2 budaya ni seronok juga =)


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