Usage of Vaseline =) Cheap Beauty Tricks!

Hi all,

To be honest I use Vaseline every day and this will continue for the rest of my life hahaha =)

so why do i love Vaseline so much? Actually ada banyak tips and usage of vaseline. Vaseline is super versatile =)

So i list down some of the usage just to share with korang semua =)

1) letak kat lips untuk moisture and bibir tak kan merekah

2) balance of old eye shadow yg da pecah mix with vaseline and voila! you got your self a cream eye shadow =)

3) Run out of lip gloss? senang je ambik any colour pigment (your oli lipstick can do as well) then mix with vaseline and keep it in a tube and ta..da.. new lip gloss =)

4) nak kaki yang smooth ? before you go to bed, just apply vaseline and put on socks and the next morning you will get your smoother foot =)

5) nak kuku yang shiny and moisture? for me i stay in office minimum 8 hours a day so i tend to have like dry nails and so on.. so just apply vaseline =) you will have shinier and smooth nail looking nails =)

6) boleh juga pakai vaseline and mix with a lil bit of your blusher to create a creamy blush.. your face akan nampak more dewy and fresh all day long! =)

so thats it tips yg ily nak share hope this help to stretch more value on your every penny and keep you looking beautiful every day

p/s : its 10 more days to my birthday! yippie!


  1. whoa.byk jugak fungsi vaseline ni.. bru ku tahu

  2. yezza Ifa =) banyak jimat and versatile


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