I want Beige colored heels!

tadi ily boring, pasal la playlist kat youtube.

pastu terperasan and terjatuh cinta dengan heels yng one of the extra dalam video clip "I got a feeling" B.E.P.

Cantik gila OMG padahal terpandang few seconds je pun.. tapi terus replay tang tu je.. lawa gila cun kaw2 la heels tu. I WANT! I WANT! I wANT!

minggu ini akan drag my future hubby pergi cari heels ni..

*anggau* oh no!

ape2 pun thanks to B.E,P sebab menjumpakan ily dgn cinta hatiku ini


  1. Hi! I have just discovered your blog! I love nude shoes, your legs looks like they are longer! I follow you. Kisses,

  2. Hi Monica =) thanks! really appreciate it =)

  3. hey,the shoes really are cute <3

    alexandra @


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