I want Beige colored heels!

Apr 21, 2011

tadi ily boring, pasal la playlist kat youtube.

pastu terperasan and terjatuh cinta dengan heels yng one of the extra dalam video clip "I got a feeling" B.E.P.

Cantik gila OMG padahal terpandang few seconds je pun.. tapi terus replay tang tu je.. lawa gila cun kaw2 la heels tu. I WANT! I WANT! I wANT!

minggu ini akan drag my future hubby pergi cari heels ni..

*anggau* oh no!

ape2 pun thanks to B.E,P sebab menjumpakan ily dgn cinta hatiku ini


  1. Hi! I have just discovered your blog! I love nude shoes, your legs looks like they are longer! I follow you. Kisses,

  2. Hi Monica =) thanks! really appreciate it =)

  3. hey,the shoes really are cute <3

    alexandra @


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