MOROCCAN HAMMAM by INLOVE Beaute (Maintenance Kit Review)


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Olla everyone!

Does the word Hammam sounds familiar to you? If you are a fan of going to spa then it is definitely familiar. Hammam is a steam room, similar to a Turkish bath, where Moroccans habitually go each week to cleanse themselves. Yes, you read it right.. each week..

Hammams used to be the only place people could come to bathe and scrub, since a private bathroom in a house or apartment was a luxury few could afford. There are fewer hammams now since modern plumbing means people can bathe in their own homes. But taking a public bath is still very much part of the culture in Tunisia and Morocco.

Today, you will find public hammams in almost every town in Morocco, and in every neighborhood in the cities. We also have few spa in Malaysia inspired by the Moroccan Hammam culture. Apart of their hammam culture, there are traditional ways of how you could to enjoy the ritual.

Thanks to this Maintenance Kit by INLOVE beaute, I be able to enjoy the products used in Morrocan Hammam ritual at the comfort of my own home. The kit contains four Moroccan Hammam products:

-1 Black soap jar 180 ml for the face and the body

-1 Kessa glove for scrubbing

-1 Rassoul jar 180 ml for face, body and hair

-1 Argan oil bottle 70 ml


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The Moroccan Hammam black soap is a natural emollient that can be used with the scrubbing kessa glove for exfoliation. It allows a complete cleaning and elimination of dead cells to prepare the skin for the rassoul treatment.This black soap is made using the traditional Moroccan recipe. The concoction is made up from a paste of organic soil, olive pits, hash, olive oil and salt. These elements combined will fulfill a strong and effective exfoliation while smooth and not harsh to the skin. The incorporation of olive oil into the blend ensures a smooth application that helps soothe irritation and redness.

The black soap can be used as a normal soap but does very little foam; therefore, the soap should be applied by massaging evenly the moist skin during a bath or a hot shower. Let the product act for 5 minutes, then rub vigorously with the kessa glove. Do not worry if you see dark rolls of skins that appear: it's the dead skin that comes off your body.


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Found exclusively in the Moroccan Atlas, the rassoul is a natural mineral clay rich in nutrients such as silica, magnesium, iron, potassium, and sodium . The Ghassoul word in Arabic means "that washes". Its high mineral content makes it an ideal toning treatment for the whole body. The rassoul is hypoallergenic so it’s extremely soft to the skin and suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile. For the Moroccan, it is custom to offer it as a wedding gift. At the traditional hammam, the rassoul is applied after the scrub.

The Moroccan Hammam rassoul is 100% organic and natural. It acts as a wick, instead of repelling the dirt, it absorbs impurities. The rassoul does not attack the protective film of the skin or protective sheath of the hair and therefore makes it an ideal treatment for sensitive and allergic skin and is even suitable even for dyed hair.

Your pores will thank you after the rassoul wrap. Being one of the best-kept secrets in Morocco, it infuses your skin with a unique blend of trace elements while pulling all the impurities and the sebum.The rassoul is often sold in powder or flakes and the proper amount of water needs to be add to make a paste of the right consistency. The Moroccan Hammam rassoul is already ready to be used and it have been added with a eucalyptus essential oil to enhance the treatment.


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I dont think I have to introduce Argan oil to you ladies…Recognized as the best oil for the face skin, hair, and nails, it has a wealth of unparalleled vitamin E particularly recommended for dry skin as moisturizer or as a powerful natural anti-aging. Argan oil has long been a well kept beauty secret.

Used at the traditional hammam for generations, the application of argan oil is the reward following the black soap treatment, the scrubbing with the kessa gloveand the rassoul exfoliation.

Usage in any season: Apply the argan oil on the face, the neck, the body, or hair. Massage gently with circular movements to penetrate the skin or the scalp. Apply also to the length of the hair to nourish and revitalize the scalp. Argan oil brings shine to hair restoring their natural and silky softness.Argan oil also protects the soft and brittle nails from external aggressions by nourishing and strengthening them.


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Last but not least, this is the Kessa glove that I have mentioned earlier. This peeling glove will erase dead skin altogether for the whole body. I would recommend you not to use it on your face as it might irritate from all that rubbing. Cant wait for my next at home Moroccan Hammam session!

Thank you for reading my kind post and have a good day ahead.


  1. Bestnya! Sounds heavenly there! :D
    I've always heard Moroccan are experts in spa & baths.

  2. the packaging is beautiful <3
    I love to read ur review sis
    Miss Ika's Blog

  3. I just had a session with Hammam Bangsar and i love it. May i know where to get the kit which you have reviewed?

  4. Hammams stay a crucial a part of life even these days and ancient Arabic rest room style incorporates wealthy references to each cultural and social influences from the Arabic and Muslim worlds, for more information click here moroccan bath.

  5. i personally like the "clay", thanks a lot for your reviews.

  6. i like to read your blog because ur kinf review make me have understanding on related product

  7. The kit looks nice. Can have spa at home ^-^

  8. Oh yes, please share with me, where can I get this kit here in KL?


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