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Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are doing great. Today, I would like to share with you about this new “gifting”app which is GIFTBLOB. Have you heard about it? Basically, it is a new fun way to send gift to anyone one your facebook friends via mobile. It can be your parents, your love ones, your friends or even your workmate.

I am currently in my confinement and basically, I am not as mobile as before during this period. Well, with this app it help me to send out gift super easily just by using GIFTBLOB. My Bro is currently in his exam week and since I am now at my mum in law house, I dont get to see him as frequent. So, I decided to try out GIFTBLOB service by sending him a “GOOD LUCK” gift to boost up his motivation!

So, if you want to send a surprise gift or even birthday gift to your friends but you dont have the time to meet them in person (lets say you are travelling or your friends is tight up with bz life) you can still give them a lovely gift Smile





As I browse the app, I saw quite a number of merchant is on board. There are quite a number of category. From food, services and many more. There are few that caught my attention. I saw RAMA V RM100 voucher, I saw pampering package as well (ehem… hint2) and cupcakes!


Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-42-25 Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-42-37Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-43-06Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-45-40


I decided to give my bro a lil cup of sweetness by giving him a yummy cupcake. Exciting! All you need to do is login to their system using your facebook. Pick your intended recipient. Write down your lovely message and may payment. I make payment using maybank and it is very convenient.


I found out that you may also track all the gift that you sent and received. So I went digging for more info.





Not bad right? Since they also provide the merchant details I could plan to provide gift that is nearest to recipient location as well. P/S : Even link to the map of the merchant outlet is provided. Thumbs up!

So exciting, cant wait to find out my bro reaction once he got the notification. Hope that he like the literally sweet surprise.. hahahaha..

Dont forget to check out the video below to understand more about how this app work. P/S : I love their cute app design!! comel jer…


You may download the app to your at playstore and appstore it support both iphone user as well as android.The app is FREE. For more info do check out their social platform that I have link up for you below Smile


  1. Wow what a nice conceptual app for android users to purchase gift from their mobile from just downloading gift blob an incredible mobile app for gifting to your friends and family if you want some thing related to apps and Mobile Website Packages all in single place.

  2. This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. woww. hopefully there will be one which is nearby my area. this is interesting!

  4. An easy way to surprise a friend ^-^ Great app


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