I have a stalker……. This is super SCARY

 Out of curiosity I go and check my Feedjit.. Where do my reader source came from and such.. Like simply la I wanted to check.. tgk my reader ni suke bace pasal ape?

Then.. jeng jeng jeng.. I found out that ade orang search name ily OMG OMG seriously got people want to know about me? Hehehe I felt a lil bit perasan and ouch I got a stalker =P

Kalau niat baik takpe.. risau yg jahat evil hearted je.. I hope not (Ya Allah please forbid that)

DEAR STALKER, I am watching you!  If you have no hidden agenda, you are most welcoemto stalk even more =)

But if you just nak sebab nak tahu perkembangan, busuk hati,, waiting for me to fall down or write up nasty thing .. I am not going to satisfy you, please get a life..

One of the reason people stalk you is that they are jelous =) why do they jelous? Because you have a more interesting life than them =) So pity them… Deepest sympathy from me to you…

If you spend your time lesser in googling about me.. you could use that time to upgrade your life and make it more interesting.. live it with happiness n joy =)

P/s: Enjoy the screen shoot I took =)


  1. mesti anatara peminat u ni.hehehe fb pon de buat fake account using ur pic kan?susah zaman sekarang ne,..huhu

  2. ntah sape la Pan Hel =) layanzzz je la

    sape la diriku ini yg nak ade peminat hehehe


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