Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

I have amazing news to share with you today. Those who have been reading my blog would notice that I have a soft spot for Guardian. If you go to my old post in 2013 you can see that I have been very active in attending their event. I can still remember vividly The Great Guardian MakeOver event in 2013 that was held in One Utama Mall. There are many sweet memories with Guardian, from attending their event and workshop to our collaboration ever since the first Blooming with illy. 

I am happy to see how much they grow and that their campaign gets better and better each year. By the way, have I shared with you that when I was a teenager, I spent more than 30 mins deciding to buy a lipstick because I can only afford one unit at the time? It was at Guardian. I remember exactly which outlet and it is also one of the reasons Guardian is so close to my heart. 

This year they have the best ever campaign so far it is called BE FABULOUS AND WIN A CAR FROM GUARDIAN. It just gets better and better!  

I was smiling when I received an invite from Bee to attend a spa session at Ritz Carlton. Because it is held on the weekend, meaning I get to come!! But then, I already said yes to my dear friend to come to another event. Got to honor your words right? Since I always believe everything that happened is for the best, so I decided to stick to my promise instead. 

Anyway, that does not stop me from sharing the great news to you! Look at the picture of the car that could be yours. It is a brand new HR-VS RS that worth over RM120k. OMG! who would be the rightful owner, I am already sooo happy on behalf of the future winner hahaha.. 

How to get a chance to win? Guardian is currently hosting JOM BER-FABULOUS contest in-conjunction of the International Women's Day.  All you need to do is just spend a minimum of RM10 and you need to include the brand that is on promotion. You can send over as many entries. Just go to the nearest Guardian outlet to get your entry forms. You may also get it online from 1 to 31 March 2019. 

 Actually, there are many more interesting prizes. You also get a chance to win 20 Consolation Prizes of RM500 Guardian Vouchers. Imagine the number of vitamins and makeup you can buy with that amount. Yeay!! That is just the consolation, the 2nd Prize is going to be 5 Days 3 Nights Exotic Dubai with Luxury Hammam Experience. I can just faint right now. Okay, cannot faint yet, still need to share that the 3rd Prize will be 4 Days 3 Nights Maldives Trip with a spa session, how I miss those clear water in Maldives CRY.... and the 4th Prize is also another amazing experience of 4 Days 3 Nights in Bali with the signature Balinese Spa.  Do I need to say more? 

I can't wait to start submitting my entries, never try never know. You see, all of us want to win something but the difference between a winner or not is that winner takes action over information they have. That makes them a winner. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Take care and till next blogpost. 


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