Foreo Luna Play Plus

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

Today, I would like to share with you about my experience adding Foreo Luna Play Plus to my skincare routine. I've heard about Foreo for awhile. Have always been wanting to try them out. Since it was a want to me rather than necessity,  it has been in my wishlist for a while. Imagine my excitement when I finally own one! It better worth my cravings LOL

There are a bunch of models that you can pick from. If you are wondering the difference between Luna Play and this Luna Play Plus, the Play Plus is slightly bigger with longer bristles and operated with AAA battery. 

I don't get the rave at first but I have been noticing them on my timeline a lot. I tried Clarisonic before and few other face cleansing brushes but this is my first time trying out the silicone bristles. Personally, I think this Foreo Lune Play Plus is way easier to be maintained. I don't have to worry about the need to repurchase the brush or charging port or the need to have a dedicated charging outlet in the bathroom or wires. I mean I don't bother to bring so much stuff with me during travel and I would prefer to reduce the number of wires I need to pack. Having Luna Play Plus make things so much easier for me. Just dump it in my skincare bag and it is ready to go. 

Foreo Luna Play Plus also the T-sonic Pulsation Technology where it can produce up to 8000 pulses per minute and it is claimed to remove 90% of dirt, make-up, oils, debris. We all know a super clean face is the best for skincare absorption! I really felt that my skin is as clean as it can be every time I use my Foreo Luna Play Plus. I realised my acne reduce, maybe because it helps to unclog my pores hence reduce the possibilities of having acne. yippy yay! 

It came in a transparent container like so. 

There is an original seal, then some descriptions about the product. 

Do excuse my daughter's hand, she likes checking out my girly stuff. Can't blame her, girls will be girls haha.. Anyway, you may also find this instruction on how to use the device. It is advisable to put the cleanser on your face then run some water on the device and then on it and use a circular motion.

I prefer to put water on my face and then put some cleansing product on the device straight haha.. Then I'll just take my own sweet time to use it all over my face. The moment you on the device (just push a button at the back) you will feel like a vibration. 

It is really easy to clean. Just run some water on it and I like gently scrub the bristles with my finger. Anyway, if you prefer to adjust the speed of the vibration then you may consider other models. This Luna Play Plus is set on one vibration speed but it already does it jobs for me. 

Overall, I am a happy user and look forward to exploring other products by Foreo. Thank you so much for reading this. I've also done a video will link it below once it is published. If you would like to get one, do buy them now via this link

Enjoy 20% off (valid till end Apr)     CODE : LunePPAP20 

Till next blogpost! 


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