Mickey Go Local - Limited Edition Tin - 7 Eleven

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

I have interesting news to share today. Have you heard about the Mickey Go Local Tin Campaign? I am going to share all the details and also run a giveaway on my Instagram. Before we get to that, let's talk on how you can own these super cute tin collection. 

For those who are familiar with 7-Eleven campaign, you might know about the sticker method. Basically, all you need to do is spend RM5 in a single receipt to get 1 sticker. You may obtain additional bonus sticker if you purchase any of the partner products. I'll share the poster shortly.  By collecting 16 stickers you will be entitled to redeem FREE Mickey Go Local Mini Tin or you may also buy it at RM9.90 with 6 stickers. 

Here you go, the partner products that will get you additional stickers. All stickers issued from 26th Feb until 22 April 2019 and you can start redeeming from 26th Feb until 29th April 2019.  There will be extra 1 week for redemption after the final issuance date. Ready have a close look of the cute tins? 

This one says ALAMAK... hahaha how cute!! 

I find the design quite cheeky and very Malaysian feel. 

This is how the bottom looks like. 

How pretty is the batik design? 

BECAAAAAAAAA, omg cannot stand the cuteness hahaha!

There is gasing inspired design tooo! 

Nasi lemak Mickey, hahaha... There is also another one with pratha kosong design. Super cute, i tell you. 

Okay, we come at the most interesting part. Out of all the 15 Mickey Go Local Tim that I have, I am going to keep only 5 units. There will be one lucky winner you will own the other 10 tins! For more details on how to join this giveaway, feel free to check out my instagram. The giveaway will be posted very soon. 

Thank you for reaching this up and good luck to those who decide to join the giveaway! 

*Terms and conditions apply. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

*Ran out of Collector Card? Download the Collector Card here.


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