My fav beauty products in 2012 <3

Dec 31, 2012

From the left

1) Victoria's secret Body Cream - Coconut Passion
Love that this product have this sweet smell of coconut and vanilla.. reminds me of the beach n it is super quick absorbed into your skin :)

2) Sunsilk Co-creations -Smooth & manageable in Pink
I honestly bought this product because it came in pink container muahahahah.. but when I start using it.. I instantly fall in love.. it is soooo affordable and it makes my hair become so smooth.. and I love the facts that it is easier to rinse off compared to my other hair conditioner :)

3) Loreal Total Repair Night Essence - for damaged hair
I love this products because it really does help to make my hair healthier.. it is slightly pricey.. so I end up only using it once in a while :) but you can really feel the difference everytime you use it.. and it is like an extra treatment for your hair.. you just have to use it before bed :)

4) Avene - Cleanance Cleansing Gel
I wad introduced to this products during a beauty workshop... What I love about this product is that I dont feel my skin became 'tight' after using it.. I personally do not prefer the tight feel.. this product also is asoapless cleanser which help me to control my oily and blemish-prone skin condition. since this product is designed for sensitive have less amount of chemical in it... I found that my skin condition became better with the help of this cleanser :)

5) Avene Eau Thermale - Spring Water
Well,, this is of of my most fav :) Totally versatile.. I can use it as refresher, and mist before and after putting on make up.. not just that I sometime spray it to mask sheets and use it as mask :) it has high minerals composition and I even use it after shave for the soothing effects.

6) Redken - Hair Cleansing Cream
My fav shampoo! It help nourishing my hair.. I love that it is very creamy.. even though I dont relly fancy the smell but I just have to tolerate it since this product works. it was encauraged to use this produts alternate with your regular shampoo.. I love that this products really help to make my hair shine since it have fruits acid :)

7) Facial Mask - SaSatinnie
If you ready my blog.. you know that I am a facial mask freak :p well what I love about SaSatinnie rangr is that it is very affordabld and easy to use.. the essense amount packed is just nice.. so it wont have dripping.. I dont really like when facial mask drips... and SaSatinnie provide generous range of mask to be try on!

8) SilkyGirl - Sweet Temptation Collectible Doll Perfume
I love it because it comes in cute bottle.. so cute and since it is small I can even put it in my purse or if I travell it is so convienient since It is small and smell nice tooo! I also love this cute lil frangrance because of the sweet smell and it look so nice on my dressing table :)

9) Victoria's Secret - Fragrance Mist
What more can I say? I love the sweet and fruity and flowery smell... so I basically love Victoria's range I normally wear it on working day.. so I have the boostof happiness and it help to instantly give me good mood :) I simply love this mist! And I like it because it is light..

p/s : What are your fav produts in 2012? Please comment below.. I would love to know it!


  1. Hi illy, tq for visiting my blog, u are the first follower...tq for the support..
    Teringin nak try Avene Eau Thermale - Spring Water tu...

    1. you are most welcome zayla :) try la.. best tau :)

      keep up posting! nanti i dtg bace2

  2. hi illy...mne nk dpt Avene Spring Water tu dear.....

  3. Good products are good for sharing. tq


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