Galaxy Wonderland - Samsung GALAXY Note II and Yuna

Wonderland.. huhuhu what can I say?  The word says it all... A place where is is magical, nice and full of everything which is inspiring :)  

Samsung GALAXY Note II and Yuna let all of us to be apart of their special project name "Project Sparkle" by contributing and sharing idea on why we think that our lovely Malaysia is a wonderland :) The best part is inspired by the stories shared by us on GALAXY Wonderland, illustrators, armed with the GALAXY Note II, will use it to create a new music video.. sounds fun right?  

Want to know why Project Sparkle is so amazing and unique? Check out the video below.. You will be amazed.. 

Do you know that the Sparkle music video won the Best Music Video award on Anugerah Industri Musik (AIM) recently? Woot! woot!.. Huhuhu 

Check out the award winning video below.. Enjoy.. 

Well how do you take part? Super easy and fun :)

First go to this link  and you have the layout below as the home page... Pretty right? 

Next, just click on create icon on top :) 

Alright. then just be creative!! 

Here is the picture I draw :)  I love the Ocean soooo much and very great full that here in Malaysia we have a wonderful & beautiful tropical Ocean.. Well, my drawing didn't do justice in compare to how beautiful our ocean and underwater scenery is :) This is the best that I could come up with.. huhuhu

Here it is :) I just put in the mermaid to represent me.. hahaha :) Super dreamy right? 

 Once you are done, you just have to login via your facebook or you email :)  Simple as that!!  

What do you have in mind? Why do you think that Malaysia is a wonderland? Yummy food? Awesome people? Fantastic Scenery? You may also check out the wonderland and check out what others opinion on what makes Malaysia a wonderland :) 

Have fun and happy participating!!  Join all of and be a part of this great project. 

For more exciting info, dont forget to can check out the fan page at


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