Mini Haul - SaSa

I just bought few beauty essential at unbelievable cheap price :) Yeay! Last few week I have told you ladies that SaSa outlet in curve is having a clearance sale right? guess what.. I went there for a movie at e@curve just know.. And they are still having the sale! Omg!

the best part is with lots of other products ;p

so they have this small package area.. where they sold 3 things in a pack ( i think it mig be their christmas promo) well I got this cute twizzer in red ( with lady cartoon printed on the steel ) then the phone charm n also the lady printed nail buffer... and it was only for RM5 :) high 5!

then I got this 4 mask for the total of RM10 wooow weee! I am such a sucker for face mask hahaha Then those small blade for only RM 9.90 for 3 pcs.


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