Fresh Star Fruit Scrub - So refreshing and you can DIY :)

Simple you can do this any time :) most recommended to do this on weekend.. since you can relax and enjoy the yummy ice cold star fruit juice before or after your scrub session :) 

This is so simple all you need is 

1) Sugar / Salt 
2) Star Fruits

Just cut the star fruits in any shape you like and blend it... once done, filter it. The juice you can just simply enjoy it with family and love ones :)

As for the remaining extract.. Add sugar/ salt to it.. Stir it add up some more until you have you desired consistency.. Thennnnn Enjoy you home made scrub out of yummy fresh star fruits!!

Star Fruit Health Benefits

One of the most important benefits of star fruit is reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is because of the fruit's high content of polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants are also known to help in the prevention of cancer.
The fruit helps in lowering cholesterol.
It prevents and treats constipation.
It helps in managing symptoms of jaundice.
Given its anti microbial property, the fruit also shows promising results in treating infection caused by bacteria such as staph, salmonella, and e coli.
The water extracted from the leaves and roots by boiling, helps in the treatment of headaches, ringworm, and chickenpox.
Manages hangover, and prickly heat in summers.
Star fruit is also known for its property of treating sore eyes, and stimulating milk in nursing mothers.
Scientists believe that this fruit might have a significant role to play in slowing down aging thus, delaying the onset of signs such as wrinkling or sagging of skin.
Sunstroke, nausea, indigestion, and symptoms of colds and flu can be managed by the help of this fruit.
Helpful in losing weight.

My star fruit scrub and my refreshing star fruit juice 

p/s : Have you tried making your own scrub? Share with me.. I wanna know more :)


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