td ingat kan boleh ler balik awal arini.. tup2 ada orang double park belakang kete.. Aduh sikit punyer panas jiwa beta!!

I do understand sometime people have to double park since they have no other choice and it is quite an urgent situation or maybe they just wanna park 5 min to get something..

But in this case, the moron made me wait for the whole 1 an a half hour! kot yer pun nak double park tu.. 10 mins ke 5 mins ke bolelh bla la lagik..

Ok, fine.. memang si moron itu tinggalkan her phone number on the dash board. tapi like million times I tried to contact her.. she dont bother to pick up her phone.. (I just dont understand this level of ignorance) IF YOU DONT WANT TO PICK UP YOUR PHONE, PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE PARK!

Sakit jiwa betul la dgn perangai manusia yg bengap tak berbatas cam ni.. very ignorance!

just imagine, if i have a kid and my kid waiting for me to pick him/her up from school.. at 7.30 only i can leave my office, who want to be responsible if anything happen to my kid? this is just an example (im not married yet)

There are many more example of an urgent situation where I might get worse just because some selfish people feeling like super lazy and dont want to find a proper parking.

So moral of the story : Next time jangan la buat perangai double parking and pelbagai ni.. menyusahkan orang lain..

Kalau nak double park alang2tindih je pic kat bwah ni hahaha


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