My point of view over the KFC’s Staff Smacking n Kicking Customer incident.

For a start, I don’t mean to provoke or what. I just like to share my honest opinion as a malay lady who grew up with lots of non malay friends. This includes Chinese, Indian and other races. I believe most of us are in my shoes as well. We live in this wonderful country where we meet people from education background, different races, different mentality and different personality.

Let diagnose what happen from the video.

  • The video last for few seconds.
  • Showing so many people witnessing the incident.
  • I heard shouting.
  • I also saw the KFC’s staff physically hurt the customer.

Well, some said the customer waited there for an hour and then could not control his patience shouted some mean words to the KFC staff.

Some also said that, The KFC were tired since there are not enough staff could not control his patience and then kicked the customer.

What is the similarity between these sides of stories? COULD NOT CONTROL PATIENCE

I don’t really see WHY people keep pointing at racial issue. It is not about being Chinese or Malay or Indian or whatever. It is about two people who have a very hard time controlling their anger. I seriously think that this event is overly exaggerated and now it becomes a racial issue.

Who is responsible for this? WHO observed this event and quickly come to a conclusion n said this is because that person is being Malay… bla bla bla because that person is Chinese bla bla bla?

We should not do this, wake up! Its like your are mad for something very unreasonable.. How could you be mad at a person for something they have no choice over? Like race? They were born that way.. No one decides which race they wanted to be born as…….

How could you be mad to a cat just because he is a cat? If he got the change to choose, maybe he opt to be a lion.

WAKE UP and be reasonable. This is a matter of anger management and from what I observed our nation is seriously lacking of patience. Like how we always jump que, how we always disobey the red lights and how we quickly goes into the lift and press close, and how we whines the list goes on and on and on and on……………….

Do not quickly jump to stupid conclusion just because hatred, and yes… PLEASE be wise.

I just have a feeling that I might get shot or something for posting this out.. but this is my personal opinion. If you are going to hate me n judging me just because I share my honest opinion.. SO BE IT

FYI : Im sorry if there are any grammar or typo error.

Peace out!



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