Island Escape ADDICT

I am addicted to island vacation……………….. OMG so fun so serene.. total opposite of your every day routine J

Waking up to the sound of waves, seeing beautiful sea instead of building is a total therapy for mind n soul…………

Swimming with fishes  J snokelling it seriously fun, you will forget about time and get carried away… As you see the ocean from the top is like flat n blue…
But when you take a dip n swim into it…. There is another beautiful world underneath, so beautiful n so serene……… It will give you a great sensation J

At least that is how I felt, which is why I am going to Tioman again tomorrow night, I’ll take a bus to mersing n take the ferry to Kg. Tekek in Tioman.. OMG I cant wait

Spend a nice 5 days 4 nights there, relax n enjoy all the way!!!  Then take a flight back to KL on the Oct 1, 2012.. if naik flight kejap je 45 minutes da sampai subang airport..

Going masih banyak tenaga lagi sebab excited, on the way balik tu confirmed da penat tu la decided to take flight je cepat sikit, tak la penat travel.



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