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Olla everyone!

Have you ever spend more than 10 minutes, just to dig out stuff like car keys or house keys from your bag? Have it ever crossed you mind that, would it be nice if everything have its own space and compartment in your bag? I mean it would make life so much easier and a simple task can be done quicker?

For me, as a mother and a lady… A nice looking bag is as important as its functionality. Last weekend, I was invited attend an even and I am very happy to share with you about my latest discoveries.



Have you heard of Terminus before? If you have been to One Utama, I bet you have walk in front of their outlet before. It is located at 2nd floor and it is very easy to find the shop. You know the passage that connects old wing to new wing? Terminus is exactly there and just in case it might help the shop lot is S213A.

Before I start sharing with you about all the funky, creative and functional bag offered by Terminus. Do you know that Terminus is our home grown brand? All of the bags are the result of Malaysian’s creative juice, I must say that I am personally impressed. You will find out why shortly..


Check out this out. This is Terminus Comfort Tour bag. Check out how many compartments the bag have.. Amazing I must say. Look so simple and stylish from outside and once open… Waaaaa….  this bag even have a specific compartment for a 14.5 inch notebook. I like the large opening the most, it will make it so much easier to grab things from this bag. This bag is retailing at RM299 and you can also but it online if you want to. I’ll share the links by end of this post. As for the price, I must say that the quality justify the price Smile




My husband likes the Ultra Laptop Back pack which is one of their latest collection and I like the Terminus Backpack Plus. I like the material of the back as well as the velvet lining. Like many of the bags under Terminus, it have soooo many compartments. I like the fact that is have a specific slot for paper documents. In my current laptop bag, the papers end up crushed every time I input my laptop and and glad to find out that this backpack were designed so thoughtfully that it also contain compartments for mouse, adapter and other accessories. Like every single items will have its own “house”. Terminus Backpack Plus is currently retailing at RM 299 and for a decent laptop bag I must say that it is very affordable. P/s: Lil birdie told me that they are having 50% off at their outlet for this bag and few other range.


You know what? dont take my word for it. Go and check out all the bags yourself. Hold it in your arms and check out what makes Terminus stand out from all the bags out there. Like the old saying, “tak kenal maka tak cinta”. Go and visit there store and well, we all know how much I love to say "I told you so."

Thank you so much for dropping by at my humble blog and for reading this post. I hope that it will help you to get to know Terminus better Smile For more info about (read : eye candies) Terminus, you can always check out their social media site as per below :






  1. Salam illy, great blog, found your blog for pregnancy experience, and i found all of info youve posted are very useful for me, done following you, hope you have time to follow me back :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by at my humble blog Faizah, glad that you found it useful :) will check out your blog as well. arigato!

  2. Yep, compartments are great. It solves the problem of having to rummage all over the inside of your bag just to fish out something.


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